Friday, April 29, 2016

Wang Chung - Mosaic - 1986

I had a lot of fun the year this album came out.  I remember it was the summer between my eighth and ninth grade years in school, going from Junior High to Senior High.  I had grown into the city, Chicago, and felt very much at home with the people and my surroundings.  I'd put on my walkman tape player and get on my bike at 7:00 in the morning and ride into the city.  I remember pulling into a seedy gas station and going in to look at their comic books, picking up X-Factor Annual #1 for a buck and a quarter.  Easy money.

I liked this album because I felt it was unpretentious, it was simply pop music with great melodies, and warm vocals.  This was also prior to my segregating my music by genre, so it didn't matter if I listened to New Wave or Hard Rock or what.  I listened to what I wanted to listen to.

I listened to this one with Duran2's Notorious album, TFF's Songs From the Big Chair, Peter Gabriel's So, and the Bryan Ferry/Tangerine Dream song from Legend.  All good music.

Simply put, the album with the extras at the backend, and the picture sleeves.

Plug and play.


  1. This was one of my first CDs...Columbia House for 1 penny, and I remember playing it hundreds of times in a row! Still love it to this day! Thanks for the extra tracks, excited to hear this expanded album tonight!!

  2. "The Eyes Of The Girl" and "Hypnotize Me" are two of the best songs the band ever did. Beautiful.

  3. Link appears broken :( So sad
    Please Fix

    thank you for all of the great music you have uploaded
    It has helped me through these past couple months