Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Erasure - Chorus - 1991

 I listened to this one on my CD player with big fat headphones, trudging through the snow on the way to class at the University of Nebraska.  Wind cold, bitter chill as my breath left my lips, eyes watering for fear of freezing.  Dim, overcast, winter.

And thrust into Chorus, and Breath of Life, and Over the Rainbow, and finishing it up in the snow again with Home.

Yes, there were bits of Autumn in there, but most of it was cold and snowy. And the music kept me alive.  It exudes warmth and passion, even Vince's instrumental b-sides.  I remember extolling the work of the album to people on numerous occasions.  And, a lot of the remixes are as good as the album tracks, as well (but, that's another disc, another day.)

Favorite tracks? Breath of Life, Love to Hate You and Perfect Stranger.

I didn't do much to this one, other than plug the b-sides in between "side one" and "side two".  Plus, a few unreleased tracks, too.

Great album for a winter's day.  It'll take the chill off.

Erasure - Chorus - 1991

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