Thursday, April 28, 2016

Decent Days And Nights - The Last Era of Great Rock and Roll....

2003 through 2005 was a really great time period for "alternative" music.  I say it like that, because it's sort of hard to classify what exactly was happening.  There was a resurgence in what I can only define as Britrock, with the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian and Bloc Party.  But, you also had Bravery and Killers from America who sounded the same.  Your classic artists like New Order and Morrissey put out new albums for the first time in years, and your second tier groups like Oasis and Supergrass even had some new stuff that was really really good.

All in all, this is a nice little set that kept my ears full of exciting new sounds, and my pocketbook empty for a while.  This time period, which I usually call the 2004 Era, was what I commonly think of as the last great era of rock music.  There is a brief glimmer of creativity in 2009, but other than that, most new material that I've heard since 2004 on just doesn't cut it.

Goodbye open mind, hello close-minded old man ears...


  1. This is a great compilation. Though I am not a fan of Coldplay, the rest of the tracks are splendid. Thanks for your work on this, dude.

  2. I will agree that this is one of the three Coldplay songs that I like, and only for the pop hooks. Also, that bastard married my girlfriend Gwenyth.

  3. Thanks for this! Great era.

  4. Replies
    1. Re-upped again. Thanks for letting me know!


  5. link down again. would Really like to hear that bloc party track.