Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ultravox - Quartet - 1982

Admittedly, this isn't one of my favorites by Ultravox.  Admittedly, I'm only posting this as I continue to offer the full discography of their work (as I am doing with a lot of other artists, too.)  Admittedly, you will see this happen more and more often, as I am beginning to see the bottom of the well of my musical exposure from the last four decades.  So it is,,,,

It's not so much that the album's a bad album.  It's pretty good.  It just never really grabbed me.  It's difficult to make it all the way through the album without changing the disc/mp3. But, maybe it's just me.  I never knew of them when I was younger, and never heard of them until Youtube and Discogs.  So, with no real memories from when it was released, I didn't get any sort of imprint from it. Also, I think their keyboard player wasn't very inventive.  The tones sound redundant and somewhat annoying.  And their sound typifies the stereotypical 80s New Wave sound that everyone hates to love, or loves to hate.  I don't know, it's good, but it's not that good.  Am I making myself clear?  Can anyone else out there articulate what I'm trying to say?

This does have the rare and hard to find b-side called Break Your Back.  I had to rip it from Youtube to get it, though.  Always a fan of their cover art, it was hard to find flawless material to use for this.  The back frame still doesn't look too good, and you can see jpeg artifacts all over it.  I tried my best.

I guess I like Reap the Wild Wind.  But, We Came To Dance is dumb.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Romeo Void - Benefactor - 1982

I've really got nothing to say about this album.  It's another 80s album that I feel deserves it's place in my collection.  I remember the neighbor kid who lived next to me when I was a boy had it.  It was his mom's tape, really, not his.  But, I remember her playing it once in the summertime in a boombox while she washed her car.  She was a divorcee, and fairly young.  Her son was a punk.  Not a real punk but a little fucking prick, to be more precise.  I also remember seeing the video of Never Say Never on MTV in the early 80s, and liking the melody. 

But, that's about all the experience I have with it.

I've since listened to it, and like it, and think it's a fine example of New Wave.  I'm also impressed with their lead singer.  She's really got it together.  For the most part, the songs are good, not spectacular, but you definitely won't be wasting your time listening to it.  It's just....  good.

As for the cover, I remember the tape when I was a kid, so I specifically stuck with the cassette cover, which looks sorta cool for a CD.  And, all the mixes as always....

Monday, March 27, 2017

Elastica - Self-titled - 1995

Here's a little rocker from the mid-90s during the peak of Brit-Rock influence across America.  Oasis and Blur were at their prime, becoming legendary before our eyes.  With them, there were a host of bands that were picked up by labels from all over as almost a clarion call to the horror that was American Grunge.  Blech!  Grunge unfortunately shifted to American Alternative, but the Brit Rock scene really put out some awesome stuff, and Elastica was in that mix.

Admittedly, the album sorta wanes toward the end, but for the most part you have some solid numbers with some catchy hooks.  And Car Song, of course, is really sexy, too.  It's unfortunate that their follow-up albums didn't share the same magic as their debut, but it was to be expected.  They had a lifetime to write their first album, and only a year or two to write their second.  That is where the talent and skill really shines through.  I'm satisfied to see them as a one-hit-wonder, not a problem. Just another CD to add to my huge collection of awesome crunchy guitars with that thick Brit accent.

I received my Hall & Oates tracks today from Neil, so we are on pace to get a big H&O deluxe edition that will one up the official deluxe, on April 24th.  I am so stoked!  I'm half-tempted to try and push out the cover some time this week and post early, but we'll see how my week goes, first.

On a side note, my wife still has not found a job, and her unemployment compensation has run out.  So, we've got about a month before things get really scary, and we're out of cash.  We will see what happens, I guess.  For any of you who believe in a higher power, drop a line for our family, and maybe a miracle will occur.  We definitely need it....

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Billy Idol - Whiplash Smile - 1985

So, I'm in a quandary on how to describe this one.  Is this the last of his good albums?  Or is this the first of his bad albums?  I will say this, it was a pivotal album in his career, and once this one was released, it was all downhill.

By the time this came out, the mainstream Pop radio record labels were trying to capture what they considered "New Wave" and putting a more radio friendly twist on it.  All while sacrificing the true intent and meaning behind it.  Imagine, only 6 or 7 years before this album, Billy was a true punk in Generation X, making some great stuff.   Then....

I think we all remember when this one came out, or at least when we started hearing it on the radio.  Regardless of what I said in the above two paragraphs, I was only 14 and it was still Billy Idol to me.  He had the killer attitude with the pretty boy looks.  Being a young shy geek with pimples and a big nose, I was very jealous of him.  The best I could do was emulate the fine lad.  As well, this was the time when my parents took my "secular" music away, so all I had was a dubbed tape from a friend.  I was still always very impressed with him, even through his next release in 1990.  I think the cyberpunk album is where he completely lost it...

But, now, I think the fanbase and respect is still out there.  I mean, it's fucking Billy Idol.  I'd be happy to meet the guy or see a show.  I guess the best I can do now, is wear an Idol t-shirt.  Good enough for me.

As always, I've got it all on this one...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Peter Gabriel - Self-Titled - 1980

So, we still have house guests, and we are making plans for tonight, so I will get today's post out a little early, so I don't miss it.

Still working through PG's awesome self-titled albums, trying to name them so you can differentiate between the three.  I love his covers for his singles, which is why I continue to use them as the actual covers for the albums.  On this one in particular, I tried to leave the wear rings from the vinyl on the sleeves, so it looks more authentic and retro.  I think they are pretty cool this way, they look like records.

I was able to find three more tracks to add to this particular set. But, still no remixes of the singles.  I think a Dreamtime remix or McDoC remix of I Don't Remember or Games Without Frontiers would be spectacular.  But, just wishful thinking.

Tonight we are going to go roller skating with the kids.  I haven't been roller skating in ten years at least, which will be exciting for everyone else but me.  Imagine a middle-aged fat man trying to roll his fat ass around on eight little wheels.  Can anyone say busted hip?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Oasis - Be Here Now - the Mustique Demos - 1997

These recordings were released with the 20th Anniversary Edition of Be Here Now.  I thought they deserved their own disc.  Although Noel has a pretty good voice for some of the tracks, I still prefer Liam's vocals over his any day.  Yes, Noel was (is?) a great song writer, Liam had the voice and swagger that made Oasis the monster that it was. 

These tracks are still great.

Mother-In-Law is in town this weekend, so I may or may not be posting.  We will see how much time I get to fuck around.