Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Oasis - Standing On the Shoulders Of Giants - the Demos - 2000

So, it only took me a couple days to resolve my situation.  Nothing huge, guys, just personal.  I'm sorry if I worried any of you, based on your wonderful comments.  I really appreciate it.

That being said, the issues are not 100% resolved, but I didn't want to fall too far behind in posting.  I've got plenty of albums ready to go, I just keep pushing them further and further out.  We will still get our compilation week on Monday the 23rd, but the albums around that are being scattered throughout February.

In March I want to do a Live Album Week, and another themed week in April (yet to be decided.)  If you have any requests for the Live Week, let me know.

As for tonight, I wanted to post something I didn't have to take to long to explain, just a post and run scenario.  So, here's the Oasis demos to Standing On the Shoulders of Giants.

Have a great evening.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'll Be Back

Could be a day, could be a couple days, could be a week, could be two weeks.  Unknown and uncertain at this time.  But, I will be back, don't you worry....

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Vickers - Ghosts - 2014

I've really been anticipating posting this album for some time.  I had forgotten about it for a while, and finally remembered it as I was building my albums for Compilation Week (coming in a week and a half!).  I discovered them a little over a year ago, and have been fascinated with them ever since.....

From their website -
The Florence based new psychers will take you on a musical kaleidoscopic journey made of colours and space voices on flowing waves. They are influenced by the immortal 60′s melodies mixed with a touch of 90′s spleen. They toured Europe several times (recent tours December, February and May 2014) and they played at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcellona (May 2014). The Vickers released the new album “Ghosts” at the end of March, an example of their new sound, a clear example of modern expanded pop/rock! “Sounding like The Beatles after one too many acid trips”

 Also, here is the song/video that first grabbed me and impressed the shit out of me....

I've always thought they were a stellar band ever since...

I know that they aren't the bestest best band out there, but I find them very enjoyable, entertaining, and fun to watch.  I would really like to see them, but I'd have to go to Italy for that to happen.

Some of the best bands out there are undiscovered (or only very little "discovered").  I spend a lot of time on Jamendo , Soundcloud, and Bandcamp (I know I should probably look on Spotify and Reddit, but I found that I find better music on those three.)  There are a lot of great bands that given the proper exposure, could lead to something big.  This is how I found the Vickers, among a dozen other great outfits.

So, listen up, let me know what you think, and we'll see you tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Howard Jones - Human's Lib - 1984

HJ's first album, and my second favorite.  These were the songs that were playing on my radio when I was first discovering Pop music.  I remember them vividly, and his videos on Saturday Night Videos on our local channel, playing the best videos after 11pm. 

Howard truly shows a maturity level in his songwriting that a lot of his peers completely lacked.  When compared to others, who wrote about these subjects at a level that he did?  Shy of Phil Collins' solo work, I can't think of many. Maybe Bryan Ferry.  Aside from all that, it's funny, yet somewhat disheartening to read the various contemporary reviews of the album during the time it was released.  Some of the reviews seem to be exercises in verbal logistics more than substantial analysis of the album.  Most of them were probably jealous, anyway.

Howard had quite a few b-sides for this album, and I think I have them all here.  The mix disc is extra special, too.  But, I'm not sure if I have all of the mixes, let me know if I don't.  As for the cover, I have always liked the artwork, so I kept it the same, just making a black version and a white version.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Graduate - Acting My Age - 1980

Alright, all who like Tears For Fears, raise your hands....  Great!  I love to see that many hands in the air!

I didn't find out about Graduate until I discovered Discogs.  Even then, I didn't hear the album until about 2005 or 2006.  It's funny listening to the album, knowing they were just kids at the time, and hearing Roland's deep voice, even then, singing out loud and strong.

Listening to this one, you can hear Roland's definitive style already in full bloom, sounding a lot like TFF first album, with a Power Pop/Ska edge.  I've always wondered, though, why they drifted from that specific look and sound, and shifted to their obviously more well known personas.  Was it because the niche for Power Pop/Ska was limited and very small, and only lasted until the late 70s/early 80s before fading to obscurity?  That would be the obvious answer.  Was it a commercial switch to do so, or was it an artistic change?  That is what I want to know, more.

If your a fan of TFF, than consider this TFF lite, minus the New Wave and add the Power Pop & Ska.  If you are a Power Pop or Ska fan, than be prepared to hear those styles of music played in a whole new way, packed with a lot of pop hooks and talent.  This is a MUST HAVE for any true TFF fan.

As for my version, it's not my version.  This is as it was, released on CD in 2001 in the UK.  But, long out of print and hard to come by, I felt it was necessary to bring it out for all to see.  The only problem is that it's missing their very first single, Mad One with the b-side Somebody Put Out The Fire.  I should have included it, but time constraints on the "disc" prohibited me from doing that.  Also, it sounds like total shit.  Really really really.  I've included it as an additional upload, and you can include it in your "one of 7-inch records" folder that you might have, as I do.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Peter Gabriel - Untitled One - 1977

Even though the cover of PG's first album is cool, I wanted to use some of the beautiful images from his singles for this cover.  And, in an attempt to add a title for his first album, I used the single Modern Love as the title for the entire album.  Call me a heretic, but I think it works.

As for the album...

Being a 16-year-old boy, in love with So, I wanted to hear other PG albums.  I thought, naively, that starting with his first album might be the best.  Boy, was I shocked.  At the time, I wasn't a huge fan of Prog and 70s Rock.  I was wondering upon listening to the first album if a mistake had been made, as this didn't sound like PG at all to me. I tried really hard to listen to and like this album, but for the life of me, I couldn't.

Years pass, and my taste in music developed and shifted and I picked this one up again.  By that time, I had fallen in love with Genesis' tLLDOB epic, so I thought that a re-evaluation of the first PG album was in order.  Again, I tried to like the album, but, again, I didn't.  It took time, revisiting again and again, along with his other early albums, and I eventually came around and now I truly love the work that he put into it.  It's definitely an acquired taste.

It should be expected, especially from PG, that a transition from his Prog beginning would take time and experimentation.  I feel that starting with this album, he wanted to make music that he liked to make, that would eventually be a universal sound that expressed his art and mind, and also tried to avoid the trappings of being classified into one genre or another.  Honestly, listening to him from his early roots through his sound today, he has run the gamut of sound and art.  Sort of like his contemporaries in Sting, Phil Collins and U2.  Standing in one place too long creates stagnation and irrelevancy.

This is still a pleasant ride, as long as you have an ear for Prog as well as Rock and the rest of PG's work.  If at first it doesn't succeed, try and try again.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cure - Kiss Me Remixes - 1987

As Fiction, Elektra and Rhino began releasing the Deluxe versions of the Cure albums, I fervently anticipated the arrival of Kiss Me x 3.  This is the album, as I've said in my first Kiss Me x3 post, that was my "life" during 87 and 88.  It was and still is BY FAR my favorite Cure album.  So much of my soul is in all of those songs, and so much of those songs are in my soul.

When they finally released the Deluxe version, I felt a distinct tinge of disappointment, as the bonus disc didn't have any remixes, and there were no new, un-heard-of tracks, and the only additional material was demos of songs we had already heard.  Despite, I still anxiously listened to the bonus material, hoping to find something new and wonderful to pull me back in.  But, there really wasn't.

The bonus disc from Rhino is ultimately a disappointment.  First, in my opinion, as stated in the last couple of posts, I despise live tracks unless they are part of the entire concert.  None of these hit and miss bastards.  The bonus disc had six separate tracks from four different shows.  WHY?!  That's just dumb.  Second, all of the rest of the tracks were "demos" and "guide vocals".  They may as well just have been labeled instrumentals, because that's all they were.

I've arranged here today the missing "third disc" that many have mentioned before.  I've included all of the remixes from the singles and b-sides.  I've included alternate mixes, and then finally the To the Sky remix.  Yes, I've included some of the tracks from the original bonus disc, to flesh this one out, and cut out the unnecessary.  This is what the second disc should have been, in my opinion.

I hope this one fits up snugly against the Album set I posted some time ago.  It completes that Kiss Me era, but I still have a few shows from the Kissing Tour that may yet make it here....