Friday, April 8, 2016

Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - 1987

Continuing on the theme of 1987 being a pivotal year for my musical tastes, I bring my version of the Cure's Kiss Me 3 album.

Overwhelmingly, the song "Just Like Heaven" typifies my life at that time.  I felt like "Duckie" from the Pretty In Pink movie, and I had two different girls that I would have done anything to be with.  One teased me and kept stringing me along, the other pushed me away constantly.  "Just Like Heaven" was that teen angst heartache of unrequited love in my life.  I think, the lyrics described what I wanted, but never had.

A nice long album full of some great songs, I still found the singles to be more interesting in this case.  Lots of extra tracks and mixes, and the creative covers that only the Cure could make. (Although, I hated the "Why Can't I Be You?" single cover, and left it off this sleeve.)  Once I found a decent copy of "To the Sky", I was able to complete my project.

At first, I planned on using the extra tracks and mixes to make a "Part II" album.  But, I settled on blending the non-album tracks into the album, leaving the remixes out.  I also utilized the A-Side/B-Side format to wedge most of the b-sides in between the two album sides.  I also then cut a couple of tracks into the album tracks on the last half of the album, to add a tad bit of diversity.

Still too many tracks to put onto one disc, this is a two disc set.  The mixes will be on a separate disc later on.


Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - 1987