Friday, April 22, 2016

Depeche Mode - Mixes From Violator - 1990

My Senior year in High School, I am President of our Business Club, and we are headed off to our regional convention.  I had just purchased this nice fat-ass Fisher Boom Box with a CD Player.  It was so sweet.  And the very first CD I purchased, was Violator. 
We got on that bus, I popped in my DM and turned it up.  Everyone loved it.  -  They loved it up until the sixth or seventh time I played it and then they had to tell me to shut it off.  Too bad for them. 
We stayed in a hotel with students from all over the midwest.  Thousands of high school kids in a hotel with minimal parental supervision.  At night, after the events of the day and the lame dance sponsered by the teachers, some of us - a lot of us - went off and did our own thing.  I still remember that girl from Southeast HS, who was the President of HER school's Business Club...
Long story short, and probably needless to say, but I did great things to DM's Violator.  Great things...

This is in response to Aid00 posting Violator on his site.  Nice little disc to round it out...

Depeche Mode - Mixes From Violator



    DM is one of those bands that should have all their albums re-released with all the remixes and B-sides. I used to collect all their 12"es because they were at least as good as their albums

  2. Yes, right up until Exciter, then it all went to shit. The Violator singles, in retrospect, were the best singles. Although, I think that was intentional, as it was their "mainstream breakout" album, so all the singles had to be good, for commercialism's sake.

  3. Not sure where to begin... except, Thank-you-Thank-you-Thank-you! Thank you for posting all this incredible Mode, thank you for posting it on Zippyshare, thank you for all the great memories, thank you for sharing -your- memories. We're probably "off" by just one or two years. Violator was my first CD purchase ever.

    It's said you never forget your first time and it's true. For DM fans, you also never forget your first time when DM was playing. I'll bet DM helped those great things happen, eh? :D