Monday, April 11, 2016

Being a completist and lover of all things Fat Bob, there are quite a few songs out there that can't quite be relegated to specific albums.  I took all of the songs that Robert sang and/or played on, and put them onto their own compilation discs.  I had completed "More Than This" back when I got my first CD burner, way back when.  But, it took me 15 years to compile the tracks for "Not In Love"  Both discs are lovely little discs that play well wherever you are.  There are quite a few poppy party tracks, but there are some real, fat gems like "Yesterday's Gone" and "Burn".  The Depeche Mode cover is better than the original, Not In Love really kills it, and closing it with Girl In the Corner is absolutely spectacular.  The only track missing, that I know of, is C Moon, which wouldn't fit onto disc two. 

If anyone knows of any tracks that I'm missing, let me know....

Final note, I really didn't clean up any of the tagging on the tracks, so you can see where they came from and their original names.  The whole thing is rather ugly, so you should either clean up all the file names and tagging, or just burn the tracks off onto disc....  like me!

Robert Smith - More Than This

Robert Smith - Not In Love

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