Saturday, April 23, 2016

Peter Schilling - Error In the System - 1983

The second 45rpm single I ever purchased was Peter Schilling's Major Tom.  English on side A, German on side B.  I was 11 years old in 6th grade.  Played that with Break My Stride and Oh, Mickey.

So, is the is Power Pop or New Wave?  I feel it's a little of both, sliding in there with other German acts like Nena and Falco.  It's definitely held the test of time, even though Major Tom has slid into that "nostalgic" slot.  The Noah Plan is probably my favorite, although every song is strong.

I've got the English version, the German version, and the extended remix of Major Tom.  Everyone should like, if not to simply bulk up your new wave library.



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    1. Thanks.I had to turn smartscreen filter off to download, that happenend on a OMD extended one too.

  2. I was in college when this came out, and my friends and I used to squeal over Schilling whenever we'd see his album cover. I think everyone I knew had a crush on him -- but I was the only person who had the album! I think it still holds up really well today.

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  5. The link has been updated. thank you for your patience.

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