Wednesday, May 4, 2016

VNV Nation - Judgement - 2007

I did absolutely nothing to the track listing on this album.  I didn't rearrange, I didn't add anything, I didn't subtract anything.  I like this album as it is and whether there's more material for this or not, I don't even know and frankly don't care.  I like it like this.

Both VNV Nation and De-Vision seemed to take the Depeche Mode sound further than even DM did.  It's like DM started writing shitty music, so these other two took over writing the good stuff.  I know, now that there are like a dozen different bands that all sound like this, but VNV and D-V are the best.  This album is proof of their talent.

BUT - I hated the original album cover.  Plus, I was having fun experimenting with my type styles and metal textures in Photoshop, so I made this.  Pretty cool, huh?  Way better than the original.

And...  that's about it, I guess.  Hope you like this.


  1. I couldn't agree more with the two bands representing the DM sound more than DM do nowadays!

    I had a compilation once called "This is NOT Depeche Mode" with bands that sound like DM ... good stuff!

    thank you