Friday, May 27, 2016

Art of Noise - Long Version of the Best Of - 1989

Last month I posted my version of AoN's best hits, which were pretty much the singles and some b-sides.  I pressed it all onto one disc, making it my "short version".  All the tracks were the single mixes, so i don't think I had anything over 4 minutes.

This is my "long version", and has all of my favorite remixes and extended versions.  They are the same album, just with different mixes of the tracks.

Art of Noise is great.  It's very neutral, very positive and objective.  Full of energy and creativity, every song sounds like a group of people just having the best time making music that they truly love.

What's great is I still haven't posted one of their albums yet.  Wait until that happens!


  1. Fantastic as always, thanks!

  2. Hey bud - was listening to this this and it seems that the (02 - Legs (Inside Leg Mix)) from disc 1 is a bit jacked. Cuts out... Downloaded a couple times and same issue. Thanks for all the good stuff though!