Saturday, May 7, 2016

New Musik - From A to B - 1980

Before you skip past this one, I am considering this to be my first post in a segment called "Pleasantly Surprised".  This is an album that happened to be lumped in with a bunch of New Wave 80s Pop that I was downloading in mass quantities back in 2006-2009.  I had never heard of them before, didn't know what they were.  Before I move an album from my main hard drive to my back up music storage drive, I always listen to a little of it to make sure it's even worth keeping.  Usually I can tell within a few seconds if I want to keep something or pitch it.  This one, I started, and I let the first whole song play through.  Then I let the second play on.  Then the third, fourth, fifth, before I knew it, the album was done, and I loved nearly every song on it.  I was "pleasantly surprised."

Amazon review - "New Musik's first album From A to B is the best of their 3 albums and pioneered the New Wave synthpop sound. Every song on the album is great. Too bad the band didn't do so well in the USA. Tony Mansfield went on to do studio work with various groups. When Naked Eyes released their hit single "Always Something There to Remind Me", I thought some of the keyboard work sounded familiar. It was Tony Mansfield, of course. The second album by New Musik was good, also, but none of its singles charted in the UK. I find "From A to B" one of the best New Wave albums of the period, not only because of Mansfield's top-notch composing, but also because of the use of synthesizers. Gary Numan had a flashier image, of course, but as good as Numan's first 4 albums were, for me, this album by New Musik is a greater achievement."

Album, b-sides, no mixes....


  1. Thought you might be interested in these three tracks I've come by over the years, 2 mixes of Living by numbers from Spiral Tribe (two edits, barely discernible but both included for completeness) and a track called they all run after the carving knife from a Pop & Wave compilation
    New Musik extended.rar

  2. And...... Downloaded. Thank you VERY much. Always looking to increase my collection! The Carving Knife song is from their next album, but the Living By Numbers, I don't have and hadn't heard of. So again, thank you for passing these along!

  3. Interesting side note: Camouflage (The Great Commandment, Love Is A Shield, etc.) covered "On Islands" on their second album ( Camouflage also titled their first Demo "From Ay To Bee", so more than just a coincidence!

  4. Question, MLG, why did AoN go to Camouflage for a while? What was the motivation in that?

    And, it speaks volumes of the skills of New Musik. Like I said, when I first heard this album, I knew I was listening to something special....

  5. who is AoN?

    1. lol. Sorry. Art of Noise. I tend to work in initials when dealing with longer titles or names. I assume that people know what I'm talking about, but that just isn't the case in a lot of situations...

  6. No, that actually makes sense. I am just not aware of any relation between AON and Camouflage!

  7. Finally! Been trying to download this for ages!

  8. What a band !! What an album !!