Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stereophonics - Language.Sex.Violence.Other. - 2005

Honestly, I have nothing to say here other than another kick ass album by the spectacular Stereophonics.  You sit down with this album in and give it a good listen, and you'll be thoroughly satisfied you did.  It really is a great set.

It already had a beautiful cover, so I simply inverted the letter colors, and I threw the single sleeves backside as always.  All b-sides follow the album tracks, and you're off for a good listen.

Like I said, not much to say other than LISTEN UP.


  1. Many thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated. These guys were great but JEEP was their best imo. Would love some James, Charlatans, Roses from the 90's, but my faves from the 80's were Marillion (I know), early UB40, OMD & TFF.