Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Basis of selection...

I must say in the month that I've been posting, I've found that there is a challenge to selecting the music I want to post, specifically basing it on frequency, comments and personal taste.  My musical tastes run the gamut from the 40s through today, from all genres of Jazz, Lounge, oldies, Psychedelic, Prog, Hard Rock, Metal, Post Punk, Britrock, Britpop, Madchester, New Wave, New Romantic, Ska, Punk, Rock, 80s, Funk, Blues, Techno, Electronica, Dubstep, and Old School Country and Old School Rap.  But, it seems my favorites are Post Punk, Brit Rock and Alternative.

What's rough is I could post all of my NO, Moz/Smiths, Cure and DM inside of a month, but then I'd only have second tier left over (Siouxsie, Bunnymen, Furs, Simple Minds).  Then I'd have to shift to New Wave (Duran2, Thompson Twins)and Synth (Erasure, Pet Shop Boys).  By the end of the year, I'd have burned through all of my Post Punk guests and may not be able to support a strictly New Wave or Britrock crowd.  So, I've got to scatter everything and mix it up to keep everyone happy.  Plus, I'm hoping to expose people to more than what they normally listen to, and give them an option to sample some stuff that they may be afraid to purchase.  Wait until I slip a Les Baxter or Martin Denny or Arthur Lyman in and see what happens!

If you would like to give me suggestions of what you'd be open to hearing, let me know, and I'll see what I can find to satisfy your desires.  Mind you, I could post 2 albums a day for the rest of my life and never post everything that I have, but I don't think everyone would like obscure prog or psyche albums from the early 70s that no one has heard of or even remembers.

I want to post what you want to hear, but not at the expense of burning through all the good shit up front.

Side note, how are you all on bootleg live albums (soundboard or broadcast only), or fan mix albums?  And, have my compilation albums been any good for you?

Just let me know what you think and I'll TRY to accommodate, as long as I enjoy what I'm posting.


  1. KidChaos2,I've pretty much enjoyed everything you've posted so far. I especially like your added content. I've been trying to do that kind of thing in my album playlists on my iTunes for a long time. From what I've seen so far you can post whatever you want and I'll be happy. I kind of like your idea to "slip a Les Baxter or Martin Denny or Arthur Lyman" that would be fun. I hadn't heard of New Musik before, but what I heard from your post... I liked. Also, "obscure prog or psyche albums from the early 70s" could be a blast... try it and see what happens.
    I know what I've said my not help with figuring what to put up, but from what I've seen so far... you've got a good feel for interesting music. I say trust your gut and do whatever makes you happy... that way you won't burn out on doing this. You want it to be a fun hobby, not a job you dread.

    1. Thanks Randy. I really appreciate the comment!

  2. I think everything so far has been great ... I like your idea of a fan based expanded edition of each album! Keep it up!

    If you're looking for ideas:

    1. What we previously discussed. All projects and productions by Trevor Horn (Buggles, Yes, Art Of Noise, Propaganda, FGTH, etc.), Prince (Bangles, Sinead, Sheila E. ..), Phil Collins (Frida ...), etc.

    2. Fan based Greatest Hits album that would differ from a label produced version in that it would include non-single fan favorites

    3. Collection of Megamixes

    1. Although I know him and quite a bit of his work, I've not focused on Trevor Horn very much as an individual, only the groups he's been in. After running through Discogs, he's done A LOT. I want you to know I really would like to do a set for him, similar to my Robert Smith and Bono sets, but I'm going to really have to research this one and roll it around in my head to get it right. Give me some time...

    2. Your Robert Smith and Bono comps in that manner are EXCELLENT! Another idea would be to do the same for MARTIN L. GORE with all the Depeche Songs, where he sings lead: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrb7rN10ULDEwjPki7SccyMnTtgc5yJAx

      Also, for Trevor, a good start is: https://www.discogs.com/Trevor-Horn-Produced-By-Trevor-Horn/release/373958

      It proves how instrumental he is/was in shaping the (better part of the) musical landscape.

    3. Great ideas. I'll have to look into and study the Trevor Horn stuff, as I really am not familiar with his work as an individual. I always associated him with specific groups. And, I never really thought about doing an MLG disc, that might be a good one!

    4. Here is a start with all his vocals featured on non-DM stuff: https://fs-stg-5.filestream.me/stream/57470f00e4b07174bb6121a6?st=ad7uvX9LXO1WdinZJMVyEw&e=1464980788&u=wnux0AUq6z44yRoh5Znl

      That could be CD2, while CD1 would be his DM stuff and possibly a CD3 where he and Dave Gahan share vocals. I'll see if I can pull all that together and you could just create the covers (unless you already have all these songs:

      Depeche Mode songs with Gore on lead vocals

      These are all the songs he sings, in chronological order:

      Speak & Spell
      "Any Second Now (voices)"
      Construction Time Again
      Some Great Reward
      "It Doesn't Matter"
      Black Celebration
      "A Question of Lust"
      "It Doesn't Matter Two"
      "World Full of Nothing"
      "Black Day" ["Stripped" single]
      Music for the Masses
      "The Things You Said"
      "I Want You Now"
      "Route 66" (cover of a song by Bobby Troup [B-Side of "Behind the Wheel"]
      "Enjoy the Silence" (Harmonium version only) ["Enjoy the Silence" single]
      "Sweetest Perfection"
      "Blue Dress"
      Songs of Faith and Devotion
      "Death's Door" [Until the End of the World soundtrack and "Condemnation"

      "One Caress"
      "The Bottom Line"
      Playing the Angel
      "Damaged People"
      Sounds of the Universe
      "The Sun and the Moon and the Stars" (bonus track)
      Delta Machine
      "The Child Inside"
      "Always" (bonus track)


      These are songs where Gahan and Gore have around equal singing time, in

      chronological order. In some instances, both sing at the same time (ex: "Behind

      the Wheel"), and in others, Gahan sang the verses while Gore sang the chorus (ex:

      "Everything Counts").

      A Broken Frame
      "Shouldn't Have Done That"
      Construction Time Again
      "Everything Counts"
      Some Great Reward
      "Something to Do"
      "People Are People"
      The Singles 81→85/Catching Up with Depeche Mode
      "Shake The Disease"
      "Fly On The Windscreen"
      Black Celebration
      "Here Is the House"
      "Dressed in Black"
      "Breathing in Fumes" [B-side to "Stripped"] (the transformed voice

      throughout the song is the one of Martin Gore)
      Music for the Masses
      "Never Let Me Down Again"
      "Behind the Wheel"
      "Pleasure, Little Treasure" [B-side to "Never Let Me Down Again"]
      "Waiting for the Night"
      Songs of Faith and Devotion
      "Higher Love"
      "Surrender" [B-side to "Only When I Lose Myself"], albeit only towards the

      end of the track.
      "Dream On"
      "The Sweetest Condition"
      "I Feel Loved"
      Playing the Angel
      "The Sinner in Me"
      "Nothing's Impossible"
      "Newborn" [B-side to "A Pain That I'm Used To"]
      "Free" [B-side to "Precious"]
      Sounds of the Universe
      "Hole to Feed"
      "Little Soul"
      "Oh Well" [bonus track]

    5. just checking to see if you are still interested in doing this project and, if so, you already have all his DM vocal stuff or want me to put it together like I did with his non-DM vocal material above.

      Also, I figure you would enjoy the new Book Of Love Collection:


    6. Thanks for the links. As for MLG and TH, I'm probably going to get to them eventually, I'm just busy working on my list as it is. I'll try and get around to them soon.

      My big deal on doing those solo discs is that I was only collecting the non-album tracks and mixes from those other artists. If I can find enough mixes and tracks from MLG and TH that aren't already on albums, that's when I will make the discs... Until then, I'll just play around with what I've got and see what I can come up with.

  3. Yes, yes yes! I was just listening to some Phil Collins in the car last week, and I've been gathering the remixes for Yes's 90125 and Big Generator albums. I don't quite know about doing Prince, yet, though, because Burning the Ground is currently doing all those singles. Nothing worse than riding in on coat tails and stealing thunder. I'll keep doing what I'm doing and throw one of those curve balls in for fun. Sorta like what I did tonight with Motorhead...

  4. wOW Martin L. Gore WOW WOW WOW

  5. I'm enjoying all your posts. Bootleg live albums would be nice too. Perhaps as a companion to the post.

    1. Well, I am going to be upping my bootlegs. I've got a DM one scheduled for either today or tomorrow, and on the 21st, I'm going to do a Cure 4-for-All bootleg special. All Soundboard, all kicking ass.

    2. Many thanks for all your work to date - some old favourites amongst your posts so far. Love the idea of bootlegs mingling with the albums that were being promoted. Other favourites of mine include James, Athlete, Stereophonics. And I'd love to finally track down some Ezio if you have it.
      Keep on keeping on.

  6. Have anything from the band Secession?

    1. Funny you should mention, I've scheduled them for June 5th. Just their album and the associated singles, not their early stuff.

    2. Excellent. Looking forward to it.