Monday, May 30, 2016

Peter Murphy - Deep - 1989

Is it wrong for me to say I love Peter Murphy solo, but I hate Bauhaus?  Well, I do...  Can't stand Bauhaus.  And, I didn't know about Peter Murphy until this album, Deep, and I didn't know he was from Bauhaus until well after that.  Guess I wasn't as cool as I thought.

So, this one came upon me when I was going to lunch in High School with some new "friends" when I moved from Chicago to the mid-west.  I was really pissed at my folks for moving me, forcing me to leave my "life" behind in Chicago and start again in this backwater redneck community.  It was definitely a Footloose moment, but I was nowhere near as cool as Kevin Bacon.  Headed to lunch at a local taco shack, I sat in the backseat of this guys car and pretended to get along with these people as they chatted about their tiny mundane lives.  Bored out of my skull, Cuts You Up came on the radio.  It pounded a nail right into my heart.  I got a lump in my throat and felt emotional for a moment.  I kept my mouth shut and smiled through my pain.

The album is great, I love CYU and A Strange Kind Of Love (another song about my SOUL).  Crystal Wrists and Seven Veils also come in close to the top of my favorites from this set. 

I "re-formatted" the cover, as it was good, but I wanted to add some frilly things on the logo/title.  My wife says the new logo takes away from the minimalist format of the original design.  I say, so what, I like it!!!!  No real b-sides from this album, just mixes and remixes and reprises.  They're all here, though.  Listen, Learn and LOVE.

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  1. Excellent, I agree with you about Peter (Like) Bauhaus (eh?). This is the first one I heard by him and have kept listening to ever since. Thanks!