Monday, May 23, 2016

The Other Two - & You - 1992

I loved this album when it came out.  Amidst the wreckage that was grunge, this one popped up and brightened my day.

What's interesting about this one, is that their song structure was very "Brotherhood" New Order.  It shows you that not ONE person carried New Order.  They all did.  They all contributed.  They all had something to offer that fleshed New Order into the powerhouse it was at the time.  Conversely, where Electronic and Revenge felt lacking, as there was only one member of NO in each, this one felt more NO even though there were only "the other two."  Am I making any sense?

I've included the two unavailable tracks, and a couple of the best remixes, and plugged them all at the end.  I opted to stick with the original cover as I felt it was a classic look that exemplified what the Other Two were, in comparison to NO.  Looking at the alternate covers with the different colors, I felt that anything other than the green and gray colors cheapened a rich album.  I'm still unhappy with the "back cover", as I was dealing with the different cover sizes, but so is life.

SO, listen to Electronic's second album, then Revenge's Gun World Porn, and then listen to this one, and you'll drift to sleep happy and content....

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  1. Definitely a great one and the video to Selfish is so cute.