Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Erasure - I Say, I Say, I Say - 1994

I have to say, that when this album came out, I was a little disappointed.  Erasure had just come off two spectacular albums, Wild and Chorus, so my expectations were very very high.  This album came out amidst a glut of College Rock and Grunge, along with Britrock and Techno.  So, you've got these guys stuck somewhere out in left field.  I'm glad that they didn't bow to peer pressure and change their sound just to fit in with the grunge/industrial scene, like Depeche Mode did with SoF&D, they stayed true to who they were, and created some well-crafted tunes.  Unfortunately, you could definitely tell by now that the 80s were long gone.

I really did like the album art on this one.  It fit the sound, and every piece was unique despite being almost identical.  When I found the Christmas one, though, a couple years back, I knew I had my remix disc cover, which is what you have here.

Disc one is the album flush with b-sides right down the middle.  All-time favorite b-side is Truly, Madly, Deeply, while my favorite album track is all through the years.

Disc Two is the best of the mixes... well best according to me.  They all fit together, though, and sound really good.  I love the Beatmasters work here and with the Shamen.

Hope you enjoy.

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