Friday, May 20, 2016

A-ha - Scoundrel Days - 1986

My little sister was "into" A-ha about the time this album came out.  Secretly, I was too, but would never admit it.  I remember we were at Venture, a store similar to Target, in the Chicagoland suburbs when she made the decision to finally buy an A-ha album.  She had both HH&L and Scoundrel Days to choose from.  Having heard most of HH&L, I was eager to hear Scoundrel Days, and I tried my hardest to talk her into purchasing it.  But, she had only heard stuff from HH&L, so therefore, that was what she was determined to get.  I was pissed.  To this day I still prefer Scoundrel Days over the debut album, but at least now I have both. la la la.

People often made fun of A-ha for being pretty boys making synth music.  But, we are now looking at more than 30 years, and A-ha is still writing some fantastic tunes that have balls.  Even on this, their sophomore release, there are a lot of quality tunes (with the exception of that silly Whales song.)  I still think they don't get the credit they deserve.  At least their home country gives them kudos.

Only one b-side, but quite a few mixes and a fan mix of I've been losing you.  Quite spectacular.  Picture sleeve isn't anything special.  Just added the single sleeves.

Have at it...

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  1. This and "Analogue" are my favorite albums of theirs. It used to make me so mad when people would make fun of them just because they're good-looking guys -- Pal Waaktaar's songs and Morten Harket's AMAZING voice were far and above most of the pop puppets that they get lumped in with.

    If you can find Morten's solo album "Wild Seed," I would HIGHLY recommend that -- it's one of my favorite albums. And the video is absolutely beautiful.