Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thompson Twins - Into the Gap/Out of the Gap - 1984

Let me tell you this.  I still don't have them all.  In fact, I don't even know which ones I'm missing.  Beyond that, I can't tell what I've got and what I don't have and how to differentiate between them all.

When TT released this album, they obviously did it in a variety of formats for the time.  They had vinyl, cassette and CD.  Each different format had different mixes and different track listings.  The "b-sides" if you can call them that, were actually just remixes of album tracks and singles.  So you had remixes of tracks, b-sides that were pretty much remixes, and remixes then on top of those b-sides.  Then they started playing the tracks backwards and releasing those.  Then, you had fade outs and cold stops and edits and remix edits and edit remixes and dubs and cuts and...  I give up.

If someone can give me a hard core run down, in detail and 100% complete of every track from Into the Gap, I would be indebted to you.  It's all a mess.

I pulled off two discs of my favorite mixes and called it good.  I still have another two or three discs of mixes left, but people can only listen to so much Doctor Doctor! before they have to go see one.

Cool b-side picture sleeves.  Very 80s New Romantic Pop.  Very radio friendly.  Awesome videos and the mixes are really good.

Hope you like this.  If you do, I'll put out Here's to Future Days shortly...


  1. Love this album,though a bit of duplication on Sister (same on both discs), there's actually very little bonus material (Take Me Up was the the only time they did a 2nd 12" for ITG) most of the full length 12" got chopped down for the Hits compilations so they could fit more on.

    Dr Dr (8 min, edited to 5.48)
    You Take (12" Take Me over, mixed with Down Tools;High Plains Mixer and a US single edit with extra chorus, Instrumental)
    Sister (12" 9.23 and single remix) (odd version on GH surfaced a few yrs back, probably an early version)
    Gap (US 7" (AOR) & 12" (Compass Points)
    Hold (full 12" 9.33, chopped to 7min) Let Loving start (7" & 12" ins)
    Storm (album + Still Water instrumental)
    Day (Panic station instrumental)
    No Peace (Funeral Dance instrumental)
    Nurse Shark (instrumental based on Dr Dr)
    Leopard Ray (instrumental track)
    Passion Planet (same on 7 & 12 of UTake)

    Now Future Days,lots & lots of stuff to play with! Enjoy :-)

    1. And I bow to you! Wow! I'm impressed! I've noticed, too that a lot of the problem I was coming across while gathering these tracks is that different people label files differently. What one person would call a "12-Inch Version", another person would call it an "Extended Remix" and a 7-inch Remix would also be called a Remix Edit. That all added to the confusion.

      I'm glad you took the time to answer, and I will get Future Days on my list ASAP (I've already scheduled albums out until the 12th, so it will be after that.)

  2. what do you need? I have everything?

  3. Like I said in the post, at this point I really don't know what I need, really. Just zip it all up and tack it here.