Sunday, May 8, 2016

Descendents - All - 1987

Nice, good old American Punk Rock.  This was my first Descendents album.  I got it on cassette.  I wore it OUT.  In 1987 I was sixteen years old, having girl problems, having problems with school, trying to fit in.  This album spoke volumes to me.  I had my Dad's old '78 Nova that I drove to and from work, and occasionally with some kids my age.  I remember driving through the streets of suburban Chicago with tape playing in the boom box in my front seat, because the car didn't have a tape deck.  I remember giving this skater hood rat girl a ride home from work in that Nova, listening to this album.  We sucked face and she let me grope her through her shirt, but she suddenly got scared and jumped out of the car.  So goes the sexual antics of teens in the 80s.

Anyway, every song is great.  It starts to get a little wobbly toward the end, though.  A little experimental or something.  But, Coolidge, Van and Jealous of the World...  Wow.

Wanted to liven the cover up, but there weren't any single sleeves and the Descendents are notorious for simple designs anyway.  So, I just took graphics from the concert tour t-shirts, and they look pretty good.

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