Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Simple Minds - Once Upon A Time - 1985 - the Fan Mixes

We all know what a fantastic album Once Upon A Time is.  We all probably already have it.  Most of us probably have all the commercially released remixes, as well.  (If not, never fear, I will have that disc out in the future.)  But some of the best mixes out there, in my humble opinion, are the fan mixes released by McDoc Evo-XR and Dreamtime some time between 2009 and 2011.  These two were two among nearly a dozen fan mixers that did some fantastic work 4-8 years ago remixing tracks from the 80s beautifully.  Then, just as quickly as they came, they turned and left as well.  So, enjoy these while you can.

McDoc mixed nearly the entire album.  Every mix is tight and superb.  It sounds like a professional mix.  Dreamtime's one track is just as good as the others, pity he didn't do more.  I threw on the instrumental just to fill what was left of the disc and wrap things up.

You know these songs, now listen to them in a different way...

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  1. Amazing remixes a great way to hear this fantastic music!
    I love Simple Minds.