Sunday, May 22, 2016

Curve - Cuckoo - 1993

When this album came out, I was already a huge fan of Curve, so this album came with high expectations.  Usually, high expectations in my life equates disappointment.  So, as I listened to this, I had high hopes, but I braced myself for a fall.

And was I ever wrong.  This album, as I listened to it once, then twice, then over and over, only got better.  To this very moment, as I type this, Superblaster is playing and I couldn't agree more with what I'm saying.  Right now, I feel that this is their best album.  Right now, if someone hadn't been Smashing Squashes or Smelling Teen Armpits, Curve might have actually been able to hit it big.  This was a total breakthrough album.

The b-sides don't seem to be b-sides, and are perfect additions to the album.  I put them in the middle, with the exception of Rising, which I set right before the album's huge 3-song send-off.  When the song Cuckoo ends, I recommend stopping the music before the SB Remix starts, and then let the album sink in and sing to your inner spirit. 

The cover is the same, but I added the single sleeves.  I wish I could have put a pic of Toni on there without it being too obvious.  But, alas, I could not.  She was at maximum hotness on this album, and I wished she was my girlfriend. 

I hope you love this album as much as I do.  It's in my personal top 20 albums of all time.


  1. So glad to know someone else has even heard this album let alone love it! I still cry when I hear the title track!
    Was lucky enough to see Curve live (Cornershop & Seefeel in support) & I remember Toni had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand yet she never exploited her "hotness" and seemed embarrassed about it!
    Can't let a post about Curve go by without mentioning their bass player Gail-Ann Dorsey who worked with Bowie for over 20 years.
    Great post; great blog!

    1. So glad you like it. I'm like you in that I love this album and I can never share with anyone about how great it is. Glad to know there's at least one more Curvie out there!

    2. Curve is the blueprint that Garbage used to become huge but im preaching to the quoir here! Toni was a very special front woman beautiful and genuine. SPC ECO is awesome and makes my heart happy and does help with thate Curve shaped hole! If i could go back in time what I would want to see the stadium show where they opened for The Cure! Cuckoo,Pubic Fruit and doppleganger are my favorites does anyone have the live album I highly reccomend it to all my Curvies!!

  2. Oh, we are out there, don't worry! Incidentally, most of Curve's output is available on bandcamp, with the money going to Toni and Dean. I don't believe Gail-Ann ever worked with Curve, maybe confused with Debbie Smith.

  3. Yes, yes, and again YES. I first got interested in Curve when I saw the video for "Superblaster" (damn, I miss the good ol' days when MTV actually showed music videos), went out and bought this cd the next day, and have loved them ever since. Unique sound, and in a perfect world where more people actually APPRECIATED quality and individuality, they would have been HUGE.