Sunday, May 22, 2016

Erasure - Wild - 1989

My Senior Year in High School had a lot of good music.  Cure released Disintegration, New Order released Technique, Depeche Mode released Violator, and Erasure released Wild.

The other groups, I had been familiar with, as I had all of their albums and followed them voraciously.  Erasure on the other hand, I knew Chains of Love and A Little Respect, but that was it.  I knew nothing of the Vince connection to DM, hadn't heard any of their other songs, owned none of their albums.

I just happened to see this album while I was looking for something new to purchase, browsing all the bins, looking for something different.  Depeche Mode had a Mute label, hmmm, and these guys had a Mute Label.  Well, maybe I'll give them a shot.  And that is when I fell in love with Erasure.

It started with that album along with the quick purchases of Drama and Blue Savannah.   Wonderful.  The ACTUAL singles, especially the imports were nearly impossible to locate, and without the internet, the regular 7-inch single mixes of Supernature, Runaround On the Underground, and Dreamlike State didn't happen until well into the 21st century.

I love all of the single sleeves.  They're all very pretty.  That's why I felt compelled to use the Drama 7-inch sleeve for the album this time.  I have TWO remix discs yet to post, and those will have variations of the Supernature Maxi-Single sleeve.  I will be posting those later this summer....


  1. Love your blog!
    I have most of your records in there, even if I am probably 10 years younger than you and on the opposite side of the Atlantic.
    Thank you for this!
    P.S.: When will your KLF - White Room post comming out? =)

    1. Lol... thanks. As for KLF, hmmm... I don't know. I'll have to break into my "Old School Techno" folder and see....

  2. The download link is down, you can upload it again please cheers from Chile!