Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Compilation!

Happy Halloween!!!!

I've whipped up a nifty compilation for Halloween tonight.  It's dark, foreboding, gothic and harsh.  What fun for a Halloween night!

As you'll soon discover, this is a comp I made a while ago, but it was definitely inspired by The Crow soundtrack, including quite a few of my favorite tracks from that album.  You'll also find some excerpts from the Hardware Soundtrack, as well, with a little Iggy Pop and some Lemmy.  As always, the best final track of any compilation I've made similar to this, Ministry's Dream Song brings the house down.  If you can listen to that one through headphones while sitting in a pitch black room, and NOT jump up to turn on the lights, then I'll give you props.  It scares me every time.

Hope you all have fun tonight, getting candy, and have fun with your kids, if you have any going out tonight.  I'll be out collecting treats with my 5-year old son dressed as his favorite Star Wars character "Bobo Fat".  We are gonna have some fun....

Sunday, October 30, 2016

XTC - Oranges & Lemons - 1989

My second (or is it third?) favorite XTC album behind the Apple Venus/Wasp Star set.  Got this one my senior year in High School when I was big into REM, Guadalcanal Diary, Pixies, Camper Van, Husker Du, etc.  This one has always been a cherished album of sugary perfection.  The pop hooks are almost sickening sweet and I love every one of them.

The singles from this one are spectacular, but I must say the entire album has merits beyond the singles.  And, the mixes and extra tracks just add to this little treasure.  It's fun to try and figure out which tracks go on which album as Partridge releases them willy nilly without a clue as to when they were recorded, so you have to do some intense studying.  What I do hate, though, is that they included some album tracks from some previous albums on the singles from this album.  So, I spend all this time thinking I've got a non-album track until I do some studying and find out it's not even the right album.

But, that's beside the point.  The point is, I think this is one of their best, and it was an excellent way for them to close out the 80s.  There are some songwriters out there who don't have it, and some that do.  Andy Partridge, to me, simply HAS it.  It comes so naturally to him to write these little gems.  It's like magic.

Now, I'm off to try and figure out why the computer won't access the hard drive....  This could be interesting.

Frozen Plasma - Momentum - 2009

Stupid, stupid watermark.  Every time I load a new cover up, I see that fucking stupid little circle thingie.  Drives me crazy...

I discovered this band when I learned of the obscure music genre of Futurepop or Darkwave.  I found them when I found VNV and De:Vision, etc.  They aren't anything spectacular, but they are another great band writing songs that sound a bit dark, a bit EBM, a lot electronic, a hint of Industrial, and roots in Depeche Mode, Cause & Effect, and the likes.  Another set to add to your Futurepop library.

I got lazy on this one, only making one cover and forcing you to either pack it into a single case, or labelling each cover so you can recognize 1 from 2.  I've got the album up front, and mixes on the back.  I had to compile the album plus an EP and a single to make this one.  And, if you've seen the original cover, this one's a definite improvement.

Side note, my electricity went out for about 3 seconds and turned my computer off.  Now, though, I can't access my external hard drive that has all of my music on it.  I can get to all the rest, just not that one.  My computer says it doesn't recognize it.  If I've lost that drive, I have no more music.  If I have no more music, then I only have what's left on my primary hard drive, which puts us right at a month, and then I'm done.  Let's pray I can figure out what's wrong with this drive, or I could have to call it quits for lack of material....

A Note of Contention

It's come to my attention that I need to assert some facts in my position as far as this blog is concerned.

I would like everyone to know that I claim no credit for any of the photographs, basic artistic design, recordings, or anything else that anyone would like to bitch about.  I collect recordings and arrange them in an order that I find pleasing.  Then I find various graphics of photographs, album covers, design, or anything else that I think might work well in arranging my "Custom CD Covers". That's it.  I didn't think that anyone out there would think that I was assuming artistic credit for any material that can be found FREELY on the internet.  Additionally, I have never asked for any financial compensation for anything.

To anyone who is offended by my "work" (it's not that much work), I have a little advice.  If you don't like my using material that I can find on the internet with a simple Google search...
1 - If it is your artwork, and it offends you if someone finds it good enough to use for their own personal collection, remove it from the internet.  Period.  Once it's out there, its out there.
2 - If you insist on having it on the internet, at least place a watermark on the art so people won't use it.  I don't use anything that has a watermark.  Or, place personal credit on the bottom right hand corner like other artists do.
3 - DON'T VISIT THIS BLOG IF IT OFFENDS YOU SO.  No one is forcing you to look at it.
4 - Get over yourself.  It takes a really egotistical jerk to demand personal credit whenever someone reposts work that may include your designs.  If you were that good, Madonna would be knocking on your door begging you to design her next cover.
5 - Instead of looking at it from a negative, egotistical & selfish viewpoint, Maybe you should be proud of the fact that someone actually used your design because they thought it was so good that they found it comparative to the original artist's design.

Finally, I'm not making any money off of this.  I get roughly 1200 page views a day.  It's not like I get millions, it's a simple select few that I feel almost found my blog by luck, if anything.  This is simply for fun, for those of us who like music and want to share something different.  It's all harmless.

I hope that clears things up.  I don't LIKE to be a prick, but I'm also not going to be pushed around by any fuckface who wants to control what I do.  If you don't like what I do, tough shit.

For those who are enjoying these little excursions, I love you lots!  I'll see you tonight with some fantastic posts that aren't really legal to begin with!

Au revoir!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fluke - 1997 & Oakenfold - 2002

 I'm getting ready to go to the annual Asian Food Festival being held at an arena here in town, so I'm going to make these quick and easy

Up first, at the peak of the Electronica craze of the late 90s, Fluke was a strong second-tier player in the field.  They had made some incredible remixes for some of my favorite artists, I enjoyed their Atom Bomb for Wipeout, so this album was a natural necessity.  It's pretty good.  But, it already pushes the 80minute CD envelope, an doesn't have any b-sides, and just a few mixes.  So, aside from the one additional mix, this is a straight up album release.  It's pretty cool...

A huge fan of Paul Oakenfold, I was pretty hyped when this one came out.  It remained entirely cool for me for about a year, but then tracks started to lose their coolness.  In the end, only a few of the tracks have really stood the test of time for me, but I look back on this one with a sense of fondness.  Ready Steady Go is an absolute rocker.  I always turn that one up.

Now, I'm off to sample some Asian cuisine.  Whether it be homecooking, street food or restaurant quality, I don't know, but I'm dying to find out.  I am working toward starting my own Food Truck with an Asian Street Food theme, so tonight is a definite necessity.  I am to the the point where all I need is the $$$ and I can open up.  I have the skills, knowledge, research and concept ready to go.  So, if you have about 75,000 you're willing to bet on my success, I'd love to take your money and try.....   Yeah I thought so.  ;)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Cure - Wild Mood Swings - 1996

Again with the dumbass watermarks.  Can't stand that shit.

SO, here's the first album in which Robert Smith started to lose it.  This is where I decided that maybe the Cure would be better off releasing EPs for the rest of their careers rather than releasing albums.  There are quite a few good tracks on this album, but I also noticed that a lot of the b-sides were better than some of the album tracks.  In fact, my favorite song from these album sessions is the b-side It Used To Be Me - Best ever song.

Anyway, this album came out shortly before my wife and I got married.  I was really excited, because I really liked Wish (but not as much as Disintegration and Kiss Me3 and HOtD) so I was anticipating a great new experience with this.  The opening track kicks ass, Club America seemed okay, but a little weird lyrically, and then it started falling apart around The 13th.  That song really really sucks.  Can't stand it.  It wanders in and out for most of the album, then, with the occasional obligatory "smash hit" pop song like Mint Car.  But, then it closes weakly.

I knew then, that the era of Cure greatness had passed us by.

I've added the bonus track Ching Chang Chong (Which people had mistaken for a Bloodflowers demo) and it seems to help things a little.  I had to mix the b-sides into the album, just to try and salvage it.  As I said, the b-sides seemed better than the album tracks, so I hope that having them interspersed will help things.  You be the judge.

All being said, it IS the Cure, so I can't help but collect it and listen to it, and even love it a bit.  It just wasn't as good as I thought it should've been.  But, who am I to judge.

Also, extra disc of mixes...  See you all tomorrow.

Disc One
I accidentally zipped an incomplete recording of
Ching Chang Chong
so use this one...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ultravox - Rage In Eden - 1981

I had heard of Ultravox before, but just out off in the periphery of my musical knowledge.  I knew nothing about them and I had never heard of them at all.  Once I got involved in music online via blogs, forums, torrents, etc, I learned more about them and collected as many albums and tracks as I could find.  They weren't bad, pretty good.  No D2, but they really captured that New Romantic sound that was obviously popular at the time.

Out of all of their albums, I liked Rage In Eden the best, followed quickly by Vienna.  I'll be posting that one later...  It's a shame that I hadn't heard more of them before when I was younger, as learning and listening to them while they existed would've been great.  Who knows, I may have liked them more than D2....  Nah, I don't think so.

Anyway, I recently found these "Deno Edits" of their tracks from this album, almost all of them.  More fan edits that have taken the originals and simply s t r e c h e d them out.  They're fun to listen to, and gives US a reason to have a deluxe version of their best album. 

As you can see, Blogger still hasn't fixed what I've come to learn is a glitch in their system, or something like that.  So, from here on out, I will make sure to zip the covers up in the files along with the albums.  I know that I've been hit or miss on that, but now I will do it for sure...



 I am working on fixing the last two covers that I've posted.  For some reason, Blogger has put a watermark in the middle of them that I can't seem to remove.  Once I get it figured out, I'll repost those two covers.

(Any advice from fellow bloggers would be greatly appreciated...)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids - 1980

The first song I ever heard by Japan was Gentlemen Take Polaroids.  It was the first time that I realized that D2 weren't the pioneers, they were the rip-off artists (I still loved them most, despite that fact.)

But, I've been through my thoughts on Japan in my previous post of them.  My feelings haven't changed, I just wanted to tell you this was the first for me.  Its a great album, I have all the extra tracks, and some great single sleeve graphics...


I'm not going to say much more tonight.  I've got a lot on my mind.

Remember when I was bitching about my job last Friday?  I really wanted to quit.  Well, my wife lost her job yesterday, cutting our family's income in half, along with our healthcare.  So, now I am the sole income, and I get an extra 900 a month deducted from my check that I can't afford at all now, for insurance.  And that's the high deductible plan.  That being said, my family will now be down about 3700 a month in net income.  How the fuck are we supposed to make up for that?

I'd like to get political here, about the fallacy of affordable healthcare, and a good economy and about job growth, because all of that is a bunch of political bullshit that's used to prop up a corrupt system of ideological extremes...  But, I'm not going to go there, right?  I'm a fucking conservative, and I have a feeling that I might piss a bunch of people off...

All I can say is hold on to what you have.  Because, it doesn't matter who wins, I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a fucking nightmare economically, and it's going to be a struggle just to survive.

Wow, quite the optimist.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Beat - Wha'ppen - 1981

So, for the longest time, I judged The Beat by Mirror In the Bathroom, and chose not to listen to them.  Then by some freak chance, I happened to hear Too Nice To Talk To, and I wondered "Where have these guys been my whole life?"

Why is it, that a lot of bands out there get pigeon-holed by one or two songs, and no one can get past it?  As per my example, I heard one song, and it tarnished my impression of the band.  Our House by Madness?  Come On Eileen? Pretty In Pink? And even in some cases Rio by D2?  There far too many bands out there that are so much more than the one hit the low-information fans remember them for.  And, the English Beat is a prime example.

I didn't know ska when this stuff came out, and then there was that ska revival in the late 90s that turned me off to it.  I didn't actually listen to this music until 2008 or 2009.  I feel like such an amateur.  But, now I listen to it on a regular basis.  And, this album is one of them.

Great stuff, all of it.  My favorites are Too Nice To Talk To, Cheated, Psychedelic Rockers and Which Side of the Bed.  They had a bunch of non-album singles come out at the same time, so I've included them (and their b-sides) as well.

Listen Up...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Curve - Gift - 2001

Oh, this one brings back such memories, and none of them good.  When this one came out, I was working at literally the worst job I had ever had.  I was a kitchen manager for a steak house, and I was working for a General Manager and a District Manager who were both brutal.  They were the bosses that you would see on an Undercover World's Worst Bosses reality show.  Common names I was called by these managers were dumbshit, stupid fuck, lazy ass and the likes.  They were never ever nice.  I cannot remember them being polite without cutting you to ribbons in the same conversation. 

I also hadn't started my anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds yet.  I didn't know I needed them.  So I would have these anxiety attacks that were blinding and debilitating, while also wanting to cut my own neck.  Sad thing is, I'm not kidding or exaggerating, either.

My wife and I had our first child, and we had just moved back to her home town.  This album came out, and having not cared for Come Clean, I was a little apprehensive about it.  But, having purchased it, and driving to my most hated job, all I could think about was wanting to be back home with my wife and child.  I popped it in the CD player and turned that fucker up as loud as I could.  That CD did not leave my player for about 10 days.  I memorized it.

My favorite tracks are Perish, and the b-side Recovery remix.  I liked all of the tracks, but those two were particularly cathartic for me.  The extra tracks from the other artists that Toni guest-vocalled on I didn't know of at the time, but they fit perfectly with the collection.

It's actually difficult for me to listen to this CD even though I love it, specifically for the emotions, memories and feelings it stirs.  Memories, emotions, and feelings I try my damnedest to keep buried deep.  I hope that one day I can use it in a healing nature, instead of wounding.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lambrettas - Beat Boys In the Jet Age - 1980

I discovered the Lambrettas about the same time I discovered the Merton Parkas and Nine Below Zero.  I had a tough time categorizing these bands as, at the time, I had no idea what Power Pop was.  Hadn't really heard of it before.  I mean, it wasn't New Wave, it wasn't Classic Rock, it sounded a little like Garage Rock (whatever the hell that's supposed to be).  So, when I heard someone classify them as Power Pop, it hit me as to how perfectly accurate it is.

Great bands like the Lambrettas really seemed like bands out of time.  I think the whole Power Pop movement got smothered with New Wave, Disco, and the Rock that we now call Classic Rock.  I know that they are something of a revival from the 60s, but I think given the time and exposure, we could have heard a hell of a lot more and better from them and a lot of the Power Pop acts out there.

I don't want to say the Lambrettas were the best of the best, but they were pretty damn good.  This is an active, sing-a-long, toe-tapping set of tracks that are in a style similar to New Wave, but minus the keyboards.  All of the tracks from this album, including the b-sides, have already been compiled previously, with the exception of one track.  SO, essentially, I made this set for one more track.

Have fun listening to this one.  It may surprise you, just as it did me.

Tin Tin - Kiss Me - 1982

Now, here's one dude you HAVE to feel sorry for.  Lead singer of a band, struggling to get discovered.  He quits the band, the band gets a new lead singer.  The band gets discovered, go on to become possibly the biggest sensation of the 80s.  And every one else asks  "Who is Stephen Duffy?"  That's GOT to hurt.

These are his first two singles that I've collected into an EP of sorts.  It's Stephen's first outing after leaving Duran Duran.  He obviously was trying the New Wave thing here, before he drifted into that Post Punk sound with the Lilac Time.  It's not a bad disc, but it's a far cry from D2.

You almost wonder what would have happened in the 80s if Mr Duffy had stayed and Mr LeBon had never been found.  Was Simon destined for greatness?  Was D2 in the right place at the right time, or was it Simon's vocals that made them great?  I just now listened to the GOF demo with Stephen Duffy singing, and although it WAS a demo, it was crap compared with the official version.

Anyway, enjoy this little one, it ain't bad, and will fit nicely in your 80s New Wave folder or on your CD shelf.  That's where I have mine.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Public Image Limited - Happy? - 1987

My second favorite PiL album.  I got this one shortly after I got Nine.  It had that sense of Post Punk on the verge of Mainstream Pop.  The melodies were there, the Lydon wailing was a little more controlled and coherent, and the music was performed with skill.  Heck, it's a great album.


And that's all I have to say about that.

I had a rough work week, I'm tired, I work for a bunch of incompetents, and I want to watch a little TV with my son.  We're probably going to watch either Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Wizard, or Kamen Rider OOOs tonight (Google them).  I need me some Japanese Superhero shows.  Plus, it's my turn to cook supper, and I may just pass that on to Pizza Hut.

Tomorrow the family and I are going to the Pumpkin Patch to get our Halloween pumpkins, and it's an all day affair.  We leave about 930 or 10 am, and usually don't get back until 9 or 10 pm, dead exhausted.  That's why you got two posts today, I won't be posting at all tomorrow.

I'll get back with you all on Sunday, and maybe my mood will be a little better.  I hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe...

Airstream - Ricky Tick - 1992

I'll have to admit the only Airstream disc I actually purchased was the Airstream by Airstream disc, as it was recognizably a Me Company cover.  After seeing the Shamen covers and hearing their awesome music, I was certain that Airstream would be spectacular.  But....  well, you all already know.

There isn't anything wrong with Airstream, just not what I expected and not as solid as I thought they could be.  They seem to fall a little to the trendy wannabe side of Madchester.  Am I wrong?  They essentially sounded like every other Madchester band out there.  That isn't always a bad thing. As long as you're in to Madchester.

If you haven't heard these guys before, you're not going to be surprised by anything, nor overwhelmed with admiration with what they've released.  It's an average band who released some average songs.  A few of them will tick up here and there, but for the most part, you'll feel as if you've already heard this one before.

So, if that's how I feel, why did I take the time to post it?

First, I love their logo.  Second, I really do like their song called Airstream.  It's fun and captures the heart of Madchester.  Third, it's Madchester, good or bad, and I really don't mind listening to it.  Lastly, I'm an obsessive/compulsive digital hoarder.  If I've got one, I have to have them all.  If I have some, I have to have every.  That's the nub of it.

I've got all of their b-sides and a couple of their better mixes.  As for the cover, that is the actual cover, I just added some layers to make the shadows and such.  Not a bad cover....

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jesus Jones - Perverse - 1993

After Doubt, I was excited for the release of Perverse.  I expected a lot, after the success of the previous albums, and also from the countless interviews I read with Mike talking about songs that would one day be played on elevator music because it was so good it would be considered timeless.  Huge expectations from a lot of us.

But, by the time of this release, Madchester was dying hard and fast, and Grunge and Techno were killing it.  The album sounded lost, like it didn't know where or what it wanted to be.  There are some really great songs on this album, but as a whole, it lacks in execution.  Some songs retained their traditional JJ sound, others tried to move forward, and others tried different styles that just didn't fit with JJ nor the album itself.

NOTE - I must remind you, if you haven't already guessed, that when I write these commentaries, it nearly all comes from my head, in the way I feel about the albums, what little memory I retain about the albums, and hardly any research.  It's part of the magic of this blog.  I should rename it "Bliss In Ignorance".  If you want facts, go to Wikipedia or Discogs.  You're not going to find hardly any here.  Wink wink.

Back on to JJ's Perverse, I will say that I like the album.  I will always have it, and consider JJ as one of my favorite bands.  Probably in my top 100 bands.  But, I will only listen to some of the songs on it, and probably won't ever listen to the whole thing through in one sitting, ever again.

Now, Already is another story.  That is their undiscovered masterpiece.  But, that is for another day....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Art Of Noise - Who's Afraid of (the Art of Noise!) - 1984

It's funny that AoN ever even released a Greatest Hits in the 80s.  I know they had singles, so maybe they should have just called it Singles or something.  I say this because I feel that every album, in itself would make it virtually impossible to distinguish which songs were the "greatest", as every song is a masterpiece in it's own right, and it becomes subjective on who is listening and deciding which is better than the other.  Sometimes, I would consider it impossible even to have one person decide, as whenever I listen to one of their albums, the songs I like change and shift back and forth with my age, time and environment.

I listened to this album once again as I prepared the cover (I usually listen to the album in question when I'm making the cover.  It gets me in the mood.)  Anyway, I realized that as I hadn't listened to it in probably a decade, the songs I originally liked had now changed.  And they had changed the last time I listen to them, too.  I have to say, looking at the track list right now, at one time or another, every song on the album had once been my favorite song.  Is it a greatest hits?  Hard to say, as they would have to be greater than something, and right now they are all equally good.

But, that opinion is hardly worth debating.

We all know that the singles were Beat Box, Close to..., and Moments in Love.  I think the most well known was the Close to... as the Edit version had the video of the little punk rock girl with the chainsaw.  What a great video, I loved that one!  But, all three of those singles had about 10 mixes each, and could each fill their own CD (I might do that later) and some of the mixes are near impossible to track down.  I'm still missing Diversions 4 and 9 of Beat Box, and I can't tell if I have all of the mixes of the other two.  Does anyone out there have a complete list of all the mixes of these three songs?  It would be helpful....

I hope you like this album.  As with all other AoN albums, it is a piece of art that needs to be treasured...  (I'm sure MLG will like this one, at least ;) )

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith & Devotion - 1993

 We've got a big post today!  I've been working on a compilation of fan mixes this week, and I came across a huge cache of excellent Depeche Mode mixes from mixers I hadn't heard of before.  I was so inspired by DM, I had to up this post by a couple weeks because of it.

DM's follow-up to Violator, I felt this album had been heavily inspired by the increased popularity of Grunge and Industrial bands in the US.  It's really DM's first hard album, a lot harder than any other album they ever released.  Being really into NIN at the time this album came out, I was really taken by it.  Honestly, it is beautifully written, and really captures the essence of what DM was at the time.

Unfortunately, it was Alan Wilder's last album, and on future releases it became readily apparent that he was the master designer behind the art of the other three.  He brought them together to make the work beautiful, and it really shows here.

Best songs on the album would include Walking In My Shoes, Judas, In Your Room, Rush and Higher Love.  They all contained strong intensity in their lyric and performance, work to be admired.

The remixes were, in some cases, better than the album tracks.  William Orbit's mix of WIMS is spectacular, and the Zephyr Mix of In Your Room really leads the pack, blowing the original out of the water.

I never cared for I Feel You.  It's a grinding dirge of sorts.  Really grates on my nerves....

Such a good album produced one of the best tours of the year.  Excellent performances that really show that they aren't just studio artists, they can handle and execute perfection on the stage.  I had gone to the Violator Tour in 1990, but I missed this one.  Really kicking myself on it now, it would've been great.  Many jealous kudos to those who were able to see this one!!!

I played this album and the mixes for years.  Long after others had faded away into the depths of my collection.  Not even Ultra stopped this one.  It's not my favorite DM album, but it was their last great one.  The rest have been marginal at best...

A note on COMMENTS

I want to thank all of you that have been leaving comments, especially the last month or two.  They are all interesting, conversational, intellectual, and polite.  I think that not only have your comments helped me in ensuring I put out an accurate account of each post, but all of the future readers can see that this is more of a collective of sorts to put forth a quality account of each album where necessary.

Thank you, and I hope to see more of you comment!  Tell us something new, keep us coming back!  Make your opinion count!

Thanks again,

Kid Chaos!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Thompson Twins - Close To the Bone - 1987

So, the mature and mellow sounding Thompson Twins.  How incredibly dull.  But, I wouldn't be posting it if I didn't feel that it had some value. 

I was at my cousin's house in a little poe-dunk city in a Great Plains state when we were listening to a local radio program.  They were playing one of those pre-recorded interviews with the band on this album,  and telling us how great it was.  The local DJ got on there, and said that the next ten people would get autographed copies of the record for free.  SO, we jumped on their phone and got in.  Number seven!  She won a free autographed copy of the album!!!!  The next day we go down to pick it up at the station, and they had her the album with some signatures on it.  Cool.  We look closer, and the "autographs" on the record were those of the top local DJs for that station. 


Class acts, they are.  I will always enjoy some TT whether it be from their very first albums, blockbuster albums or their later ones, well into the Babble years.  The later solo material in the 00s and beyond, meh.  It's not the same.

What surprised me the most on this album was the utter lack of singles and mixes.  The previous albums had 4-5 singles and a huge slew of mixes that could fill discs and discs.  I could barely find enough material to fill one disc, for this one.  Sad, too bad.

Obviously not one of their best, but an essential part of every balanced TT collection.  Gotta have it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pet Shop Boys - A Man From the Future - 2014

While looking for new and interesting material for the blog, I happened upon these PSB tracks that I never knew existed.  Wow.  Who the hell is Alan Turing?  Well, the Guardian had an article about it, here.  An interesting story, but lacking in any sort of traditional PSB trappings.  Yes, you have Neil's nasally, whiny vocals (don't get me wrong, I like them) but as the article said, not enough Chris.  And the narrator was boring as well.

BUT, it is some more PSB.  I'd almost like to see a studio version of this album with just Neil and Chris, and nix the orchestra and the narration.  Then, it would be so much better.  Either way, though, it really shows how the Boys (especially Neil) have always tried to broaden their abilities beyond the synthpop genre that they usually do their work.  It gives them a sense of depth, intelligence and maturity.

As for the track listing, I'm not sure exactly how many tracks there are supposed to be, as I found to different sets, with different numbering.  I'm not sure yet if whoever posted this "Prom" cut it into tracks at different moments, and more parts, or if there's portions missing, or whatever.  To be honest, I haven't listened to the whole thing all the way through in one sitting yet, so I'm not sure about it.

Regardless, it's another fine example of PSB work that you can confidently place right between Electric and Super.  Who knows, you may love it more than I did.  And I have no problems including it in my PSB collection.....

Falco - Falco 3 - 1985

At first I thought this song was awesome!  Then I thought he was a joke.  Then I thought he was nostalgic.  Now I think he's talented, unique and pretty good (not quite awesome.)

It's sad that he never caught on bigger in the US, as I think that given the opportunity and exposure, he would have had the potential to write more and better songs for an American (and world) audience.  But, due to his only marginal success in the US, he stuck to his German language only material, and pretty much isolated himself to a European audience.  Just my opinion.

When I first started collecting the tracks from this album, I spent an age trying to find the "original" mixes.  After a time, stupid as I was, I finally realized that the "mixes" on the album were actually the originals, and there weren't any more other than the ones that I put on the remix disc.  Silly that he should name the album tracks as mixes.  It was a tad confusing.  If I am completely wrong on this, let me know...

Unfortunate that he died so young.  I wasn't really into his later work, so it didn't impact me that much.  I was surprised, though.  It can be jolting when anyone, especially a star, dies before their time.

Although it looks a little dull, I like how the remix cover turned out with the chrome signature.  I love photoshop layer styles....

Not the best quality on the tracks, here.  I was able to put both albums and their covers in a zip less than 200Mb.  Sorry...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Franz Ferdinand - Debut - 2004

When FF's debut album came out in 2004, I hadn't quite yet realized what they were starting or what they represented.  They were the first, and probably the best of the 2004-2006 Brit Rock wave that spread across the globe.  It seemed as if every four-piece with a guitar and drum kit was out in a pub trying to make it big.  Fortunately, FF was found, and we were blessed with some fantastic pure, unadulterated Brit Rock.

At first, I wasn't quite sure what was so great about them.  Then, after listening to the album over and over, I realized the layers and depth of each and every song.  The pop hooks were spot on, the instrumentation was tight and controlled, and the image was perfect.

Best songs are too numerous to name, just listen to the whole album.  I'm still partial to Matinee, though.  As for the cover, I always thought it was boring and dull.  So, after gathering all the single sleeves, I slapped their logo across the top, and you can see the results.  I'm pretty sure I have all the b-sides, and even have the re-recording of This Ffire. 

Have fun, see you tomorrow...

Stone Roses - Second Coming - 1994

Having gotten into the Stone Roses too late to appreciate their debut and rise to fame, I eagerly anticipated their release of Second Coming.  We all know that Second Coming was a long time coming, so by the time this hit the shelves, the craze was through the roof.  I prepared myself to me amazed....


I thought my dreams had come true while I listened to Breaking Into Heaven for the first time.  And, by all rights, it's a spectacular song, one of their best.  But, as the album progressed, I began to wonder why I had even gotten so excited.  Yes, the songs are better than a lot of other songs by a lot of other artists, and this album still ranks up there in one of the best Brit Rock albums.  But, I would probably put it in the 120s or 130s in ranking.  I expected way more than I got.

Yes, I still collected all the singles and all the b-sides, and I know this album inside and out.  But, when I think of the best of the Stone Roses, hardly anything comes from this album.  Sorry, guys.

But, if you are a Ian Brown/Stone Roses completist, you have to have it.  I even have those shitty albums by John Squire, too....

Friday, October 14, 2016

Howard Jones - One to One - 1986

By this time, Howard had started to wind down.  His popularity was flagging, and his writing on this album was less than impressive.  Mind you, it's still a great album, it just doesn't carry the clout that his earlier releases did.  He'd gotten rid of the huge hairdo, which is a plus.  But the album showcases something specific about him, he's maturing.  No longer is he concerned with writing songs for teeny-boppers, and he's writing songs his own age.  The singles are good, the album tracks aren't bad, but the album as a whole is solid.  It is a solid piece of work that really reflects a lot of time and effort to make it as best as he could.  A true artist.

We didn't hear from HJ again until 89 with Everlasting Love off the Cross That Line album, another HJ essential. 

If we strip out all of the unnecessary crap from the 80s and only kept the artists and albums that expressed the true heart and soul of humanity, I'm sure that Howard Jones would be among that crowd.  It's a small crowd, and guys like HJ don't come along that often.  Take the time and appreciate this man who is in tune with his soul.  You may learn something....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Fixx - Reach the Beach - 1983

I really want to post some good stuff on this album, because it more than deserves it.  But, I am in a really fucking bad mood, so bear with me.  I could choke a mother fucker right now.  Do you ever get tired of working for stupid people?  I mean, we all have to work WITH stupid people, but to work FOR them.  You work for them, and they're fucking idiots, and you can't point it out because you could jeopardize your job or position.  What the fuck is that all about, anyway?  You'd think they'd appreciate knowing when they are letting their stupid leak out like a booger hanging out their nose.  Because once you see their stupid hanging out, it's hard to see anything else.

Anyway, I feel a little better. 

I remember the singles from this album back in the 80s intermixed with all the other 80s songs I remember.  Pretty good, but nothing I was going to get worked up about.  Then, in 1997, an employee of mine when I was managing restaurants, suggested I listen to the entire album as it was wonderful.  (Before I could do that, though, he got fired for pinching a female co-worker's nipple with his chef's tongs.)  I finally got around to listening to it in mid-2004, and I remember being thoroughly impressed.  This one would again fit in with my "pleasantly surprised" category.  I'd almost call it something in between New Wave and Prog/Classic Rock.  A unique and attractive sound.

The singles are great, and the b-sides (as some of you may remember) were difficult to find.  The mixes are great, and I love the original cover, so I didn't change it much.  I just messed with the font a bit, and gave it some depth...

Anyway, I'm going to go try and relax with the fam, as work SUCKED DICK today, and I need a fucking break from idiocy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

David Bowie - Tonight - The Remix Disc - 1984

Although Bowie's follow-up to Let's Dance wasn't that successful, it really wasn't a complete loss.  Trying to find his way, through the New Wave crap that had left his classic style behind, I think he did quite well establishing a new sound to fit the new decade.  I sometimes think of this album as the little brother of Let's Dance, being so similar in style.

Honestly, I remember hearing the Let's Dance songs on the radio, and I remember when Never Let Me Down came out, but I am at a complete loss when it comes to Tonight.  I don't remember hearing any of the songs on the radio, and I don't remember the album coming out.  I only found out about the album in the mid to late 90s while rummaging through 12-inch singles at a used record store and finding the singles from this album.  I never realized how ignorant I was before the internet.

SO, I've decided to hold off on the album, for now, as I want to ensure I have all of the tracks from this time period before I post it.  But, I thought a good mix disc would be fun, and we also have another Dreamtime mix on this one too.  I threw Dancing In the Street on this mix as it was released during this time period, but with much chagrin.  That song (and video) is embarrassing.  I almost feel sorry for the two of them.  It's horribly, uncomfortably bad.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Huey Lewis & the News - Sports - 1983

The third album I ever got, and the first one I got on cassette.  I got it for my 13th or 14th birthday, I can't remember.  Good, old-fashioned, American Rock & Roll.

One that didn't make me nervous, wondering what to do. One that made me feel like I felt when I was with my right hand, all alone....

Falling into that category with Bryan Adams and John Cougar Mellancamp, Huey was your standard rock, avoiding the pratfalls of New Wave or Synthpop.  They gave us solid tunes that although somewhat dated, can still be played with confidence today without getting weird looks.  You know what I mean.

Imagine, me being 14 with nothing more than a boombox playing Business As Usual, Thriller, Seven & the Ragged Tiger and THIS album, Sports, over and over and over and over and over.  Yeah, I got fucking sick of it, but that was my musical library (aside from a handful of 7-inch 45s).  But, it still hits my top 100 albums of my own life. 

Too bad they didn't include more of his tracks on the Duets Soundtrack...  That may be one of the soundtracks I post in January, I'm not sure.

Found a couple mixes, which is good, plus a couple sessions.  The cover was a classic, so I didn't want to fuck with a masterpiece. It's times like this I wish I had a way to 3D scan/print vinyl, as that would be the best way to appreciate this one.... 

Too bad that they only lasted one more album before they turned to shit.  I'll post Fore! and Picture This, their only other good albums later.  Just enjoy this one now...

Monday, October 10, 2016

Classix Nouveaux - La Verite - 1982

In the mid to late aughts (later than 05 but before 09) I found music blogs exploding all over the internet, in ways I never knew and never imagined.  It was like the beginning of a new music renaissance.  I discovered hundreds and hundreds of new bands and artists in genres across the spectrum of music.  I was in awe and amazed.

One of the genres that I enjoy most - New Wave/New Romantic - gave me a host of new bands to listen to that, although weren't as good as Duran2, were very good and enjoyable.  Blancmange, Ultravox, Visage, and Classix Nouveaux.  I'll talk about those other bands in later posts, today is about CN and their album La Verite.

Surprisingly, I can't really find a whole lot of material about these guys.  At least not enough that I would care about.  Allmusic says the following - "Classix Nouveaux was one of the first new romantic acts in England. Although Classix Nouveaux's more guitar-heavy sound separated them from the mostly synthetic rhythms of Japan and Ultravox, the group's appetite for stylish fashion and danceable keyboards had them quickly associated with the new romantic movement. Formed in 1979 with Sal Solo (vocals), Mik Sweeney (bass), BP Hurding (drums), and Jak Airport (guitar), Classix Nouveaux originated in the punk underground, namely from the ashes of the controversial X-Ray Spex. After banshee wailer Poly Styrene departed from X-Ray Spex, the remaining members held auditions for a replacement singer. Solo won the approval of a few of Styrene's former bandmates, and they debuted at the Music Machine on August 1979. Airport left the group before they even recorded their first single; he was replaced by Gary Steadman. In 1981, Classix Nouveaux released "Guilty," their most well-known track; "Guilty" was a Top-20 hit in Sweden, and the video received airplay on MTV. A year later, the single "Is It a Dream" reached number 13 on the U.K. charts. Despite successful tours in Yugoslavia, Finland, and Poland, none of Classix Nouveaux's three albums truly catapulted them from cult status in Britain or America. The band split up in 1985, and Solo started recording Christian music."  - And that is more than Wikipedia.

Anyway, they seem pretty good, and a definite companion to my Japan/Roxy/Duran/Ultravox/Visage section in my New Romantic collection.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Heavy Metal Hits of the 80s

So, for my last post of Heavy Metal Week, I decided to do a nice compilation of some of the other bands that were out there in the 80s.  Some of them were one-off hits, others were songs by some big bands, but I didn't have the time (one week) or the tracks (no b-sides, demos or mixes) or I simply didn't care for the rest of the album/band.  I think you will enjoy it.  A great road-trip mix.

As I started this week I realized right away that what I was considering Heavy Metal, is no longer Heavy Metal, but Hard Rock.  The definition has changed over time.  When I was younger, this WAS Heavy Metal, because today's Metal didn't exist, yet, in the scope that it does now.  So, as I'm calling this Heavy Metal, I'm sure that some of you just roll your eyes and say "Yeah, right."  That's alright.  It's Metal to me, and at the end of the day, its my own perception that defines it in my life.  To be honest, most of today's "Heavy Metal" is shit.  Like everyone in the band is trying to play faster and louder than each other.

As for Heavy Metal Week, I'm glad it's over.  It's tough for me to stick to one genre for a whole week.  You'll notice that normally I jump from one genre and era to the next.  It keeps it fresh.  But, aside from a brief Christmas themed couple of days, I don't have anything planned for the rest of this year.  That being said, I would like to have a theme week starting January 9th.  I'm debating on what theme to use.  Here's a list of ideas-

- Psychedelic Sixties
- Funk
- Jazz
- Soundtrack
- Prog
- 70s Pop
- Classic Rock
- Beatles Week
- Neo 80s Soundtrack Electro
- Compilation Week
- My Greatest Hits Week

So, which one do you think I should do?

While you're deciding, listen to this little comp.  And when you're head-banging, be careful not to slam your head into the keyboard.  You might break the keyboard. ;)

Clear Your Browser Caches

This has happened before and at other blogs linked to mine.  Someone in the United States using Chrome needs to clear their cache because it's messing with my page view counts.  I know that some of you like "Heavy Metal", but I have had more than 2500 more page views than average.  I'd like to think that my viewership has gone up, but not that dramatically, and not when the other countries are staying relatively the same as before.



Kid Chaos!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time - 1986

Take a look at that GLORIOUS cover.  Just look at it.  It's freekin' brilliant.  Eddie is the BEST metal mascot ever.  I have this t-shirt also, and I wear the shit out of it.  When I made this cover, I didn't even put the Iron Maiden logo on it, because I didn't want to destroy it.  It's perfect as it is.  And, if you don't know who this group is, and a logo is going to make the difference, don't even bother.  Go home.

Every IM cover is a masterpiece, though.  Aces High, Powerslave, Purgatory, The Trooper...  just to name a few.  (I'm wearing a Live After Death t-shirt right now, as I type this.)

My first IM album, I sorta knew what to expect.  I knew who they were and what they sounded like, but was never really interested until I saw the cover for this album.  I was reading Frank Herbert's Chapterhouse: Dune at the time, and although I loved the cover already, seeing Herbert Ails (along with Bradbury Towers) really took it over the top for me.  What a grand slam.


It's not their best album, but I would probably rank it as their third best.  Nice and heavy, yet melodic and catchy.  The songs will stick in your head and you'll be humming them all day long.  I love the singles off the album, but my favorite track is Sea Of Madness.  And, their cover of Juanita is terrific.  Nice to see them do something less...  serious?

So, listen up and enjoy.  ONE MORE DAY of "Heavy Metal Week", and the single post I'll make tomorrow is pretty good.  I know you'll like it...

Anthrax - Among the Living - 1987

Technically, you could say this is actually the first "Heavy Metal" album that I've posted.  No, I guess I posted Megadeth two days ago.  That makes this the second.  But, more on that later. 

Funny, I discovered Anthrax from their I'm the Man EP.  I knew they were Thrash, so to see this "Rap" song from them made me interested enough to want more.  Again, Sophomore year in High School (I was exposed to A LOT of stuff my Sophomore year.  OR was 1986-88 that fucking great for music?  Never know for sure.)  Yes, I'm the man is a hilarious novelty, but the rest of the EP was stellar.  It led me to purchase Among the Living.

Among the Living, along with State of Euphoria, are my two favorite Anthrax albums.  The rest are great, but these two have a genuine magic that the others don't.  I think that the reason why I like these so much, is they didn't have the same trappings that the other Metal/Thrash bands that were out at that time.  They weren't the sleazy, greasy boozer types.  They seemed more fun, more driven and more creative.  Plus, they liked skaters, and I liked that.  Even though I was a poser anyway.

I have that NOT Man graphic on a t-shirt.  It's my only Anthrax shirt.  I love wearing it.  And, when I wear it out, I'll probably buy another.

They're Anthrax and they take no shit
And they don't care for writing it....

Awesome, man!!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Van Halen - 1984 - 1984

So, my fourth most favorite Hard Rock album of all time.  1984.  Fantastic.  I saw it in the window of Pickles Records in the mall when I was 12.  I remember the shock of seeing an ANGEL of all things SMOKING CIGARETTES.  How sacrilegious!  That is like playing with the devil and going to hell!  Bad people.

But, I watched the videos on MTV and enjoying them.  I remember not really knowing what Hot For Teacher really meant, and then when I found out, I again was shocked.  These guys were the baddest of the bad, from my limited perspective.

Now, I think that this is Van Halen's best album ever, and also an album they could never and will never ascend to again.  This is their ultimate high, and they never made it back again, IMHO.  As I said in my previous post, I love Sammy Hagar, but the magic that the original four had was something special, and Hagar just didn't really mesh as well as Dave did.  Yeah, VH was good, but not as good as 1984.  Having already written my DLR post, I have to return to it and say now that I feel DLR is the one who ruined VH.  Again with his gynormous ego.

But, as for 1984, I think it was a standard for all other Metal albums to follow. 

What's awesome, is that I was able to find two demos for this album - Ripley and Donut City.  They aren't bad, but they really don't fit with the rest of the album.  Regardless, I included them.  Hope you enjoy.

Only two days left, guys.  Good or bad, I'm almost done with Metal and we're back to normal....

David Lee Roth - Eat Em & Smile - 1986

DLR's first real solo album, Eat Em And Smile, is better than his Crazy From the Heat EP and harder than his Skyscraper album.  Yankee Rose is a stadium rocker.  Shyboy, Goin' Crazy and Elephant Gun are powerful pieces, and the rest of the album is pretty...  cool.

Yes, he's nuckin' futs, but his voice is great and his stage performance is second to none (for his style of music).  I hate the fact that he couldn't work with the VH brothers any more, because I think that had they stayed together, they would've been much bigger than either of them were apart.  Don't get me wrong, I think Hagar is really freekin' cool, happy, good singer and songwriter.  I just don't think he had the magic to carry VH through to the heights they COULD'VE been.  And DLR SHOULD'VE kept his fucking huge-ass ego in check.  In the end, THAT is what destroyed him.  In fact, I think the reason why DLR's first two solo albums did so well is because of Steve Vai (see yesterday).  Notice that once Vai left, DLR suddenly sucked mega-dick.  His songwriting skills are for shit.

Regardless, this is a great album, but as I found with most of my "Metal & Hard Rock" artists, there really aren't any b-sides or remixes or even demos out there.  All I have is a few Spanish versions of his two hits from this one, and a single demo.

Play this one loud and relish in DLR's notorious howl.  It's going to be a great chilly Autumn evening, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Steve Vai - Passion & Warfare - 1990

I was introduced to Steve Vai by a guy on my soccer team my Sophomore year in HS (again with the Soph year!)  He told me about this brilliant guitarist, and made me listen to The Attitude Song from Vai's 1984 album Flex-Able.  What a FUN song!

Not long after that, and David Lee Roth released Skyscraper, and I found out Vai was playing guitar on that album.  Fantastic album!  Great stuff!

So when Vai came out with Passion & Warfare my Senior in High School, I was ready and waiting.  It was a perfect and beautiful album. From the powerful Liberty and Animal, to the beautiful Ballerina and Alien Water Kiss, to the fun The Audience Is Listening, I think that this album has a lot to offer everyone.  There are some great ballads and some real rippers.  But not a bad track on the whole album.  Great highway music in the summertime with the windows down and the music blaring.

What sucks is that I can't find ANY additional material to put on this album.  Not a single demo or mix.  NOTHING!  So, you get the album, that's it.  Sorry.  I kept the cover the same because of that fact.  I'd be a dumbass to change up the cover of an album that's stayed the same.

Steve's work is great, but I feel he's been a bit spotty on his albums.  I know of a hundred tracks I like, but Passion & Warfare is the only album of his that I feel stands solid together.  Regardless, he is and always will be my most favorite guitarist ever.

Megadeth - Rust In Peace - 1990

The first time I heard of Megadeth, I was in Driver's Education my Sophomore year in High School.  This scurvy looking girl would wear a t-shirt that had the cover of their first album on it.  It intrigued me, but after looking at the sort of people it attracted, it made me a little nervous to even consider it.  Fucking snob.

Then, during my Senior year, I see this album, and it's glorious Repka cover.  I had learned more about Megadeth and their relationship with Metallica, by then.  I had decided that Metallica was trendy, which they turned out to be, and that Megadeth were the underdogs.  So, I bought this.

Of all the Megadeth albums, this is my favorite.  I find it... entertaining. 

I had a tough time deciding whether or not to use the original Repka cover, or one of the Repkas from the singles, as the guy is a brilliant artist.  You should check out the covers to the other Metal.Thrash albums that he's done.  There are some really genius ones out there.

Unfortunately, Megadeth didn't have much at all in bonus material for this album.  I plugged in the Alice Cooper cover for the Shocker movie and some demos.  That's all they had.  I wish there were more...

I would guess that this is probably my first Heavy Metal album for Heavy Metal week, three days in.  What a case of false advertising....

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

TNT - Atlantis - 2008

This album would definitely be in my "pleasantly surprised" category.  Of course, I had heard of and heard TNT back in the 80s when hair bands were all the rage.  Meh, they're alright, but there are so many other hair bands out there to listen to that are so much better.

Then, in the 90s, everything was alternative and electronica and industrial (the trendy pop kind ;) ).  Not only did I barely listen to any Hard Rock/Metal, there wasn't much to choose from (no internet, music stores not carrying much, no stations playing any except industrial metal)

Slowly, in the mid-aughts, the genre started to reemerge.  First I saw more Metal, then the Glam/Hair Bands started back up, then again, full on Hard Rock.  As I started sampling different groups out there, I heard plenty that stood out, and plenty that sucked ass.  Surprisingly enough, I decided to get this TNT album based strictly on the logo.  It was neato.  SO glad I did...

There isn't anything special in the way of b-sides, mixes or unreleased material, so I'm just posting the album.  It made my cut not just because it's so good, but because I feel that these guys haven't been properly represented, and there is probably a bunch of you who might appreciate hearing them.  Everyone has heard Back In Black, so what's the point?  How many of you have heard this one?  Thought so.

Tony Mills was with TNT for 3 proper albums.  I consider them something of a trilogy.  He sang lead vocals on all three, and I think he redefined TNT's sound to update it and carry it forward creatively.  Comparing these three albums to TNT's other works, they almost sound like a different group.  Tony is from England and has sung in many bands and as a guest on many albums.  Everything he sings is very powerful and his vocals are smooth yet powerful.  He also carries a British flare through all of his melodies.

From Atlantis, my favorite of the three, you get pulled into an arena stomper on the very first song, Hello Hello.  The song sounds like a metal version of a 70s glam outfit with high platforms, flaring bell bottoms and wild frilly colors jumping out from the stage and into your face.  The melodies, riffs and hard hitting rhythms carry through the better part of the album.  There are a few moments on the back half that are shaky, but it definitely ends solid.

If you are into Metal/Hard Rock/Classic Rock, I think that you should give this album a try at the very least.  If you like this one, the other two with Mills are A New Territory and A Farewell To Arms (Engine).  Great great shit on these....

Talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears - 1991

Surprisingly, this is my second favorite Hard Rock album.  

When this album came out, I was pretentiously involved with my DM, Cure, Erasure, New Order and Madchester, thinking I was so very important to be listening to "alternative" music on the cusp of mainstream popularity.  My sister was not that way, and never was.  She listened to whatever was popular at the time, and it was never the Post Punk or American College Rock that I thought was so very important.  She bought this album, and I scoffed....    At home, I would sometimes walk by her room and hear music playing.  I remember walking by her room and hearing Mama I'm Coming Home.  I walked by later and heard Road to Nowhere.  Both times, I was drawn by the power of his vocals, and the beauty of their "acoustic" or ballad strumming of their guitars.  I didn't know who Zakk Wylde was at the time, but I knew that guy was talented, and I liked it.  I ended up borrowing the TAPE from her and listening to it a couple times.  Before long, I was down at the music store buying the album on CD.

This entire album is all traditional Ozzy, but more than that.  It's almost like what an Ozzy GH album would sound like.  I wouldn't go so far as to say all of the songs could be singles, but the entire album was very well put together and meshed seamlessly.

I will admit I am more drawn to his ballads on this album more than the others.  Ballads suit his vocal style very well. But, No More Tears is awesome, Zombie Stomp is great, Hellraiser, I Don't Want to Change the World, and even Don't Blame Me, a b-side.  The rest of the songs are good, too, but I like these, and the ballads best....

We've got the 2 b-sides and an outtake, which isn't half bad.

Yes, this is my 2nd favorite of all time.  Number 3 would be Back In Black.  But, I can't find any b-sides, remixes or outtakes from Back in Black, so you won't see it this week, unfortunately....

Monday, October 3, 2016

Def Leppard - Hysteria II - 1987-88

This album had SEVEN singles.  That has to be some sort of world record.  What's amazing, is they could have released ALL of the album tracks as singles, as every single one of them was an absolute classic.  I bet I've listened to this album, literally, almost a thousand times.  It will go down as my most favorite Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album ever.

A rundown of the tracks...

-  Tracks 2, 9, 11, and 13 were all remixes that were released on their respective singles.
-  Track 1 was a remix for the Hystoria documentary, but sounds right in place here, and is good enough to be included on this compilation.
-  Track 3 was a rare (and I think unreleased) mix that I happened upon on a bootleg.
-  Tracks 5, 6, and 7 were all recorded during the Hysteria sessions, but were not released until the Retroactive compilation.
-  Track 8 was originally recorded as a b-side during the Hysteria sessions, but was re-recorded during the Adrenalize sessions and released on that album.
-  Tracks 10 and 14 were recorded during the Hysteria sessions, but were never released.
-  Track 12 was a b-side (for PSSOM) and then re-released on the Retroactive compilation.

I saw these guys in the summer of 1988 in Chicago at the Rosemont Horizon.  I was almost 17, had a girlfriend, and friends from work who all wanted to go.  Needless to say, the show was fantastic.  If I could see this show again, I would in a heartbeat.  I saw this show and the INXS Calling All Nations tour in the same summer.  What a fucking awesome summer....

Sunday, October 2, 2016

HEAVY METAL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright!  Pull up your socks and grab your cocks, we are headed into HEAVY METAL WEEK!

That's right! One full week of classic Hard Rock and Metal from the 80s, 90s, and 00s, starting tomorrow!

For those interested, I'll be doing some Def Leppard, Ozzy, Megadeth, TNT, and a bunch more.  It's going to be a blast!

That being said, if you don't like that style of music, you may want to take the week off and plug your ears, because that's all I'll be playing here.

See you tomorrow!

A-ha - Stay On These Roads - 1988

After Scoundrel Days came out, I eagerly awaited this release.  My sister was the one who bought all the A-ha stuff, so when this came out, I prodded and pushed her relentlessly until she finally went down and bought it (I was 16 and she was 14)  I think in that first couple months, I listened to this album more than her. 

I feel that this is a fantastic album.  It continues along the same vein as it's predecessors with beautiful synths and warm vocals and melodies.  A truly terrific album. BUT...

-  I prefer Scoundrel Days to this album.
-  The original mix of The Living Daylights is really horrible.  The album mix is by far SUPERIOR.
-  I've included the unreleased demos from these sessions, and they're pretty weak.

This album was A-ha's last trendy poppy pretty-boy release.  Starting with the very next album, they actually released an album that had some balls.  That's when I began to truly respect them as musicians in it for the long haul, and not some flash in the pan.

They've obviously released a deluxe version of this album already, but I felt the need to do my own version, as they (along with a lot of other artists) didn't release it in a format that could be listened to in one sitting without shuffling the tracks.  They'd back shitty demo with excellent recording to live track to remix to first and second takes to the same song mixed differently back to back to back.  I hope that with this collection, I've weeded out the garbage and made it more palatable for one listening.  I hope you agree...