Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Compilation!

Happy Halloween!!!!

I've whipped up a nifty compilation for Halloween tonight.  It's dark, foreboding, gothic and harsh.  What fun for a Halloween night!

As you'll soon discover, this is a comp I made a while ago, but it was definitely inspired by The Crow soundtrack, including quite a few of my favorite tracks from that album.  You'll also find some excerpts from the Hardware Soundtrack, as well, with a little Iggy Pop and some Lemmy.  As always, the best final track of any compilation I've made similar to this, Ministry's Dream Song brings the house down.  If you can listen to that one through headphones while sitting in a pitch black room, and NOT jump up to turn on the lights, then I'll give you props.  It scares me every time.

Hope you all have fun tonight, getting candy, and have fun with your kids, if you have any going out tonight.  I'll be out collecting treats with my 5-year old son dressed as his favorite Star Wars character "Bobo Fat".  We are gonna have some fun....


  1. -= Martin L. Gore =-November 1, 2016 at 9:46 AM

    tsk tsk ... a Halloween comp without "Ministry - Everyday is Halloween" and "Electric Hellfire Club - Empathy For The Devil HALLOWEEN MEDLEY" ... come on!! ... lol

    KILLER COVER as always! Creepy as hell! (would you mind sharing the picture by itself or indicating its name on the WWW?)

    Track selection is superb!

  2. I will try and find the cover, but I'm not sure if I still have it. And I certainly don't remember where I got it. As for the two songs you suggested, I felt they weren't scary enough for the set. Although, they do represent the goth, post punk lifestyle that is prevalent in my posts... I think.

  3. Don't hate me for this if you're a Joy Division fan, but I think NIN's version of "Dead Souls" is even better than the original. It sends chills down my spine.

    1. Hell, that's why it's on this comp. Joy Division/New Order HAD the ability to write some really great music, but their execution was somewhat wonky. A lot consider that part of their charm. But, because of their excellent writing abilities, they have a lot of songs that really suit other artists when covered. Obviously, Dead Souls is one of them.

      I capitalized HAD in the previous paragraph for a reason. I don't know what's happened to that ability since the turn of the century.

    2. They did, and their songwriting ability is what I think made them a great band, more than their own versions of their songs. Though I will say that Ian Curtis's stoic delivery suited the sparsity of their arrangements -- they were one of those bands whose music is perfect for introspection and rainy days.

      Autotone, that's what happened. And crap like American Idol, where so-called "musicians" are handed fame and a recording contract on a plate without having to pay any dues and learn their craft. I'm just disgusted by what music has devolved into. It's like no one even tries any longer. And the people who do are drowned out by the tidal wave of mediocrity.