Wednesday, October 12, 2016

David Bowie - Tonight - The Remix Disc - 1984

Although Bowie's follow-up to Let's Dance wasn't that successful, it really wasn't a complete loss.  Trying to find his way, through the New Wave crap that had left his classic style behind, I think he did quite well establishing a new sound to fit the new decade.  I sometimes think of this album as the little brother of Let's Dance, being so similar in style.

Honestly, I remember hearing the Let's Dance songs on the radio, and I remember when Never Let Me Down came out, but I am at a complete loss when it comes to Tonight.  I don't remember hearing any of the songs on the radio, and I don't remember the album coming out.  I only found out about the album in the mid to late 90s while rummaging through 12-inch singles at a used record store and finding the singles from this album.  I never realized how ignorant I was before the internet.

SO, I've decided to hold off on the album, for now, as I want to ensure I have all of the tracks from this time period before I post it.  But, I thought a good mix disc would be fun, and we also have another Dreamtime mix on this one too.  I threw Dancing In the Street on this mix as it was released during this time period, but with much chagrin.  That song (and video) is embarrassing.  I almost feel sorry for the two of them.  It's horribly, uncomfortably bad.


  1. The album came out in the summer of 1984, I believe. Not too long after Tina Turner's "Private Dancer" was a huge hit -- Tina duetted with Bowie on the title track of this album. It kind of fell through the cracks between the whole hullabaloo over the Serious Moonlight and Glass Spider tours to promote "Let's Dance" and "Never Let Me Down," but I thought this was a pretty good album. I've always loved "Blue Jean" and "Loving the Alien," and even though most critics seemed to hate it, I have a soft spot for DB's cover of "God Only Knows."

    I have the remastered cd of this, and the extra tracks on it are "This Is Not America" with Pat Metheny, "Absolute Beginners," and "As the World Falls Down," from the movie "Labyrinth." I know that those three songs all came out as singles from film soundtracks a little later than this album did (1985, I think?), but they're kind of the same era, so you might want to include those? Just a suggestion!

  2. "Loving the Alien" is one of my favorite Bowie tunes, so I've always given this album a little slack...even if Bowie himself didn't.

  3. I think Blue Jean is all about the 20 minute video movie that was released at the time.... how can you not love that song once you see the video. This is MTV Bowie all the way. He was in yet another identity... totally 80's, honestly, his 80's stuff put him on the map for children of a certain age, who would eventually realize there was a lot more to him than "Let's Dance."

  4. As for "dancing in the street" it sounds like a couple of drunks at a party. Jagger would not make the mistake Queen did in sharing the stage with Bowie and arguably recording their very best song with him.

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