Thursday, March 9, 2017

INXS - Live In San Diego - 1988

And then there was this....

For my thoughts on INXS and KICK and this tour, please read THIS and THIS.  Especially that second one.  That's about the night I went to see the show.

As for this particular recording, it's pretty good.  It's from an FM Broadcast, so you have the limitations of the recording, there.  A tad muffled and it honestly doesn't sound like a soundboard, but it probably is.  It's the best live recording I can find from this fantastic tour....

The cover was nigh impossible.  This graphic was from the concert poster and T-shirt.  I could not find one good solid quality high def pic of it.  I had to cut and paste, retrace, recolor, re-everything.  But, the finished product is absolutely perfect.  I love this cover.



  1. Very Cool - This week is cool - Things in China looking up - Thanks