Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spider & the Flies - Something Clockwork This Way Comes - 2009

So, how do you describe Spider & the Flies?  Well, honestly it's only two guys.  Two members from the Goth group The Horrors from Southend-On-Sea named Tomethy Furse and Rhys "Spider" Webb.  Having been a huge fan of the Horrors and learning that these two were making music using a variety of analog synths and records from the BBC Sound Library.

The music is cold, alien, sci-fi and strange.  It borders on being Drone, but there's enough variety in it to keep it from totally going off the deep end.  Regardless, it's a tough listen to get all the way through.  I mean, I like it as a side project to the Horrors.  As it stands by itself, meh.  I really am drawn to it, though, as these guys are just so strange.  And I like it.

Try if you like, just be careful.


  1. I see what you did there with the Cameo lyrics!

  2. LOL. Shows how music can influence you. I didn't even realize I did it!