Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tears For Fears - Live In Manchester - 1985

Tonight's second fabulous show spotlights two gentlemen that I never was able to see live.  In their heyday, it would have been great.  I've seen some video of shows they've done within the past five to ten years, and I have to say they seemed sort of scary.  Some of our heroes have been able to continue their greatness into old age.  Some have not.  Curt doesn't look so bad, now, but poor Roland is starting to look like a scrotum.  Sorry, just a fact.

This show was filled with a lot of energy and a lot of heart and soul.  Just like their music, they weren't just performers up on stage putting on a show, they were opening themselves up and making a personal connection with their audience.  Their young, wild and creative days were captured and their refining and finesse was starting to really shine.  They translate wonderfully from studio to stage.  I would have LOVED IT.  But, alas....



  1. I was lucky enough to see them at the Smith Center in DC in 1985 with a fantastic Canadian band called Idle Eyes as the opener. And you're right -- Roland and Curt DID really open themselves up and connect with their audiences live in a way that few acts have ever done. It was, and always will be, one of the best shows I've ever been to.

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  3. Better and Better and now Brilliant - just a pity no "Pale Shelter"

  4. I saw them for the Seeds Of Love tour in 1990, Debbie Harry opened for them... and yes it was an awesome show. The crowd was so wild, and packed tight, people were passing out and at a point I was able to lift my feet off the ground and just float with the pulsing crowd.

  5. I saw them a few years back when they reformed in Cardiff. They were awesome. Being a massive Jam fan always loved the lyric to Sowing The Seeds....Kick out the STYLE bring back The Jam!
    Bias too as they are from my hometown.

    Many thanks for this.