Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tones On Tail - Pop - 1984

Me and the family are getting ready to go on a picnic, so I need to make it short tonight.  I first heard this band on a car commercial in the mid-aughts.  I had heard OF them, but never heard them until they had been "commercialized."  Sad.

But, straight from Wikipedia, if you don't already know...

Tones on Tail was a musical side project of Daniel Ash of the gothic rock group Bauhaus started in 1982, along with art school friend, flatmate and Bauhaus "roadie" Glenn Campling. The band's name is a reference to the way calibration tones were recorded on the "tail" of reel-to-reel tape. After the breakup of Bauhaus in 1983, they were joined by drummer Kevin Haskins, and became a full-time concern for all three members. Their music was described by one critic as "doom-and-dance-pop." The band disbanded in 1984, and Ash and Haskins went on to form Love and Rockets with former Bauhaus bassist David J.

I know that they released a collection in 1998 called "Everything" that would be the ultimate in expanded editions.  But, I have a problem with that.  When I want an expanded edition, I want it to gather all of the relevant material from that particular era/session/year.  Not EVERYTHING.  So, I've broken this one down and back to the original release with the remix and just a couple extras.  Dull, I know, but this is how I would prefer it.

Anyway, off to the park with a knapsack full of ham & swiss sandwiches and potato salad.  83 degrees out, and the sky is clear as a bell and deep blue.  We should have some fun!


  1. Loved this when it came out, love it now! "Lions" will always be my favorite track of theirs, but I like every song on this album. I think I actually like this better than most of the Love & Rockets stuff ("Earth Sun Moon" being an exception -- that's one of my all-time favorite albums). Well, pretty much ANYTHING Daniel Ash does gets a thumbs up from me, no matter what band it is! And his solo stuff is pretty great, too -- the "Coming Down" and "Foolish Thing Desire" albums are both incredible!

  2. "Lions" was on a mixed tape from an ex. That was my introduction to TOT. My own curiosity found a wonderful band after. Thanks for this, sir.

  3. Poptone, with Ash, K Haskins and his daughter Diva are touring the West Coast soon and I saw hints an East Coast tour would be announced.

  4. Excellent compliation! As a collection of that era, I think it's only missing the tracks "Shakes" and the extended mix of "Twist".
    I love this album so bloody much. When you're 15 and unsure of what lays ahead in your troubled life, "Rain" is simply the greatest soundtrack of all time.