Saturday, March 25, 2017

Peter Gabriel - Self-Titled - 1980

So, we still have house guests, and we are making plans for tonight, so I will get today's post out a little early, so I don't miss it.

Still working through PG's awesome self-titled albums, trying to name them so you can differentiate between the three.  I love his covers for his singles, which is why I continue to use them as the actual covers for the albums.  On this one in particular, I tried to leave the wear rings from the vinyl on the sleeves, so it looks more authentic and retro.  I think they are pretty cool this way, they look like records.

I was able to find three more tracks to add to this particular set. But, still no remixes of the singles.  I think a Dreamtime remix or McDoC remix of I Don't Remember or Games Without Frontiers would be spectacular.  But, just wishful thinking.

Tonight we are going to go roller skating with the kids.  I haven't been roller skating in ten years at least, which will be exciting for everyone else but me.  Imagine a middle-aged fat man trying to roll his fat ass around on eight little wheels.  Can anyone say busted hip?


  1. This album is absolutely amazing. "Biko" has long been one of my favorite PG tracks, and in Kate Bush, he's found the perfect duet partner. Not only did they sound amazing together on "Games Without Frontiers" on this album, but their duet on "Don't Give Up" on his "So" album is pure ear candy. Love that song.

    This may be TMI, but when this album first came out when I was in high school, one of my best friends absolutely INSISTED that Kate Bush was singing "she shall fuck you now" as the background vocal.

    Hell, I can't even stand up on roller skates! I've tried it several times and given it up as a bad job. I'm uncoordinated enough when I'm wearing sneakers and both feet are flat on the ground!

  2. Aloha KidChaos2, I've been a big PG fan for years and have some things that may flesh this one out a bit if you want. There is a longer version of "Biko" and a few other things like the "Peter Gabriel - Ein Deutsches" which is the album in German. Here is a link to what I have through WeTransfer it is only available until April 2. Hope you enjoy.

    1. I did know about the German version, I just didn't have it. I figured an entire album in German...but then I DID post Nena's album and Peter Schilling's album... SO...It would appear, then that I will be doing a follow-up post with the German version!

  3. I loved melt third album I think