Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Skinny Puppy - Rabies - 1989

Whenever I feel dark and moody and angry...  I always drift back to the Puppies (and Ministry) so I can marinate in my misery.  This music makes my skin crawl and gives me the creeps.  I don't know how the guys can make music like this, without having some sort of mental instability.  I know it's intentionally created to be dark like this, but sometimes, you just have to wonder.

As I've posted previously, I discovered SP when they released Vivisect VI and I heard it in the record store.  I was instantly drawn to it.  When they released this one, I didn't even bother to buy it on cassette, first.  I went straight for CD.  I knew it was worth it.  Plus, the CD had two extra bonus tracks, nice.  And the cover was (and still is) a masterpiece.

When you listen to this album, please PLEASE don't make any judgement calls on it before you finish it.  I say this because, if you are like me, you won't make it beyond the first two tracks.  They suck (IMO).  But, once you hit Two Time Grime, it creeps up on you and kicks you right in the ass.  Fascist Jock Itch pounds and pounds and pounds away.  Literally.  And. it. is. awesome!  The singles Warlock and Tin Omen are stellar, but all of the rest of the tracks are equally spectacular. The actual closing of the original album is Choralone, and it's like a living nightmare.

oh what fun

Nivek Ogre (Kevin Ogilvie) has often said that his favorite SP song is Warlock.  I will agree that it is the best one on the album, and probably in my top 10 SP songs...  I don't know about it being the best.  But, it really has a lot of heart in it and it's very cathartic.  Surprising, considering it's a SP song.  I also prefer the alternate version of Tin Omen to the original.  But, you be the judge.

I think what makes this album so especially good is that with Al Jourgenson as a guest artist/writer/producer/mixer/engineer, we had something of a blending of the Ministry flavors into the Puppy mix.  Double Darkness, as it would be.

Unfortunately, this is the last SP with a Steven R Gilmore cover.  I still think he was essential Puppy, but, things move on.

As for my version, I pulled Spahn Dirge off the original album and added the only actual b-side that wasn't on the original disc, Brak Talk.  Then, I threw the three remixes on the end.

I then took all of the additional Puppy material (mostly Ogre/Ogilvie) and added it on as a bonus disc, along with the track I "amputated" ;) from the original disc, Spahn Dirge.  This bonus disc is very experimental, and can be difficult to listen to if you are not in the right mood.  It takes a special kind of person, usually one covered in slime from under a rock or rotted log, to listen to and enjoy the material on this disc.  That happens to be me.


  1. -= Martin L. Gore =-March 16, 2017 at 11:18 AM


    Skinny Puppy were instrumental in transitioning INDUSTRIAL from experimental noise to the more danceable melodic classics of the 90s. And it's fair to say that the first NINE INCH NAILS single "Down In It" was more that just inspired by Skinny Puppy.

    I can't wait to hear your Bonus Material CD!

    Thank you as always!

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