Friday, March 24, 2017

Thompson Twins - Quick Step & Side Kick - 1983


Mother in law in town...  Barely have a moment to even type this. Have a great night!


  1. I adore this record! "Judy Do" is probably my favorite track on it, but I love them all. This wasn't as big of a hit as some of their later albums, but it's always been my favorite TT record.

    Not trying to get overly political here, but given all the lies that Der Trumpencheetofuhrer has been spouting, the song "Lies" could be the theme song for his so-called "Presidency."

    1. hi this was my favorite Album by them as well. had the cassette and played it on my big boombox super load as a teen everywhere i went :}i love all the remixes on side two and of course the crazy mix of judy do it . and hats off to you bout trump . i feel our states now feel tense stressed. hopefully he will destroy himself with his own ego .; anyway i loved this album and read your post and thought i say hi i smiled cause i loved that time in my life.

  2. Ahhh, remember... avoid the politics. We are HERE specifically to escape THAT. THANK YOU, though, for your other comments, as always. It warms my heart to inspire conversation.

  3. Honestly, were I to have a gun pointed to my head and forced to pick three favourite albums full-stop, this would be amongst the three.
    The North American cassette (with it's b-side of remixes) literally changed my young life - I'd never heard such a thing prior to that! My 12 year old mind was BLOWN APART. Suddenly I had a new mission - FIND EVERY VERSION OF EVER SONG THEY PUT OUT. Which, as you well know, is quite the mission indeed, as they embraced the multi-format with quite a fervor.
    You did a great job compiling what seems to be every scrap. Took me forever to track down a "Lies" seven-inch just so I could have the single-version of "Beach Culture". Again, the single mix of "Lucky Day" was only slightly less difficult to find. A true gem of an album. For me, they had a hell of a run from "A Product Of..." right through to "Into The Gap". I'll stump for "Future Days" if the mood strikes me right, although it really is the album that was the beginning-of-the-end IMO, and the stress-cracks are just too evident with every listen for these tired ears.
    God, did I love 'em!!