Monday, March 6, 2017

Hall & Oates Tracks?

Before I start tonight's posts, I am issuing a plea for help.  I am currently TRYING to get all of the tracks gathered from Hall & Oates 1984 album Out Of Touch.  I am missing 3 tracks and would like your help in locating them, so I can finish this new double disc set.  Here are the following tracks that I am missing....

- Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (New Special Mix?)
- Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Instrumental)
- Dance On Your Knees (B-Side Version (4:38?) NOT the extended version (6:something))

If anyone can assist me on this, it would be greatly appreciated.  I have it scheduled for April 24th, so we have about 5 or 6 weeks to get them collected.  

Thank you very much!


  1. Sorry could only find this one.

    12 - Daryl Hall & John Oates - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Special New Mix)

  2. The other 2 might mean buying the 12"

  3. Don't know if this is correct or not, but according to

    "the "Special New Mix" that was neither special nor new. This record is notorious among diehard Hall & Oates fans. I remember how excited I was when I got this -- any remix of their 80s tracks was a cool thing. But this is exactly the same as the album version. A major letdown :) The only cool thing about the commercial release of this 12-inch single is the instrumental version of this track."

    Not that helps you as it's none of those three I have or can find for you, sorry!

  4. I have the Japan-only 12 Inch Collection CD that supposedly has the "Special New Mix"...anyone know if it's actually different than the album version?
    I also have the vinyl 12" which has the instrumental on the B-side but would need to get the ol' turntable out of storage to digitize it. Let me know if you can't locate a copy.
    Looks like you need the "Possession Obsession" 7" to get the B-side version of "Dance On Your Knees"...I see plenty of copies on eBay for cheap. I could easily be convinced to buy a copy and digitize that one also if needed, as thanks for all the music you've shared :)

    1. Neil, if you were able to get both of those tracks, I would be forever in your debt. (Who knew I'd be saying that about H&O songs?!) I'd post whatever album you so desired, fully deluxed and painted up with a pretty sleeve. You name it......

  5. I just ordered a copy of that 7" on eBay so it should be here soon. Will digitize and clean up both tracks once it arrives.

  6. Howdy, I have the tracks digitized and cleaned up as best I could. They sound pretty good I must say :) How do I private message you?