Saturday, March 11, 2017

Smiths - Live in Irvine California - 1986

I've talked previously about seeing Morrissey live in Lawrence, KS during his Maladjusted tour.  A small little venue where you could feel the heat of the stage lights and see the sweat on Morrissey's brow and wonder if you could just reach out and maybe you could touch him...  Great, great show.  I'd love to have seen the group together, back in the day, during their Shoplifters tour (if they had one called that...)

Not a show that's easily found, this is a great soundboard recording that really brings the band to life.  Moz is at the top of his game, and the track selection is impeccable.  I often feel sorry for Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, and wonder if maybe they should have hooked up with Stephen and Gillian from New Order and created their own foursome called "Star-crossed and Forelorn" or something like that.  Andy and Mike were their own little "other two" and neither did much after the split...

Found that swell picture one day, and knew I had to use it for a Smiths album....  Wouldn't you agree?