Saturday, March 4, 2017

Theatre Of Hate - Westworld - 1982

11:10 pm on a Saturday night.  All is quiet, and time for a little Gothic Rock from 1982.  Theatre of Hate.  Love it or leave it, let the darkness of it's harsh melodies pound your senses to sleep...

Good night, all.


  1. Discovering this album recently has been a revelation.

  2. Many thanks love this album

  3. Not to sure about the Gothic Rock label, but this is certainly appreciated - anymore in this vein where this one springs from in the line ?

    1. I am going to be posting more like this, later in the summer. Had to piece this one together track by track, as I couldn't find it as a single download.

      If not Gothic Rock, how would you classify it?

    2. I would position it more in the 80's Indie category, Theater of Hate, Spear of Destiny' not quite Mission Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus - mold. More New Order,Jesus and Mary Chain side of things (although nothing like JMC)