Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thompson Twins - Live In Dallas - 1987

Tonight's first show is by the illustrious Twins.  By this time, they were in their unavoidable slide down in popularity.  That's not really a bad thing, though.  By this time, if you went to see their show, you saw ALL of their great hits in one setting.  Yes, seeing them during their Gap Tour or Future Days Tour would've been spectacular, but this was seeing the best of all of it at once.

Soundboard recording sounds great.  I obviously used the cover to their Close To The Bone album.  Looking at it now, I'm not a fan of the colors I chose, though.  Doesn't matter, the show is wonderful and that's what counts.



  1. The first concert I ever attended was the "Here's To Future Days" tour at the Indianapolis Convention Center in 1985, with Boris Williams (later of the Cure) on drums and with OMD as the opening act!

    1. First off, I am completely jealous. Secondly, Why the hell was OMD opening? They were good enough, even then, to be headliners...

  2. It's true - I saw T.Twins on NYE at Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto) and OMD opened the show. Amazing. What a way to ring in a new year!! :D

  3. EDIT - except that was 1987, on their "HERE'S TO FUTURE DAYS" tour. Sponsored by Swatch Watches... every damn shirt at the merch stand blazenly shouting "SPONSORED BY SWATCH!". Drove me nuts.
    In 1985 when they were touring "THE GAP", they had 2 bands open for them, RUBBER RODEO and BERLIN (at the C.N.E. fairgrounds). Heavenly.

  4. First fo all, what a great blog, i love most of the music you post. I came here because The Cure (my#1 ). I found this bootleg from the Twins but the link is dead. I'll be very thankful if you re uploaded. Thanks.
    A new fan.

  5. Thompson Twins - Live In Dallas - 1987 DL link down, can you PLEASE re up ?? THANKS..!!