Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Cure - Japanese Whispers - Extended Edition - 1983

As the second of four awesome posts in a row, I've chosen my own version of Japanese Whispers by the Cure.

There's nothing worse than getting a "album" and finding out that it's only 28 minutes long, it's a collection of previously released singles, and not all of the materiel from those singles was included.  I mean, this is BARELY an EP in it's original form.  There were no new tracks, not all of the b-sides were included, and none of the remixes were included.

Well, I fixed that.  NOW, you have all the singles, all the b-sides, all the remixes, a previously unreleased song, and even a remix by Dreamtime.  I've more than doubled the amount of materiel on the disc!  NOW it's an album/compilation worth having.

I find this time in Robert's life to be the most innovative time of his career.  He pulled away from his Punk/Gothic sound, and truly became Post Punk.  This is about the time when the make-up started showing up as well.  He broke the formulas of song-writing that he'd previously been using and started writing music that was not only all over the spectrum, but also pushed the experimental boundaries of what was considered "masculine" music.  He wrote music that was true to himself and no other.  And no better way than by himself, as that was what most of this album was.  I think at most the band was a three-piece.

Every song on here is a classic Cure track.  I like all of them except for Speak My Language and Lovecats.  Yeah, I said it.  I don't care for Lovecats.  Is that wrong?  Dreamtime's mix of The Walk is superb, as always.  The flexi-pop of LaMent is terrific, and I really can't tell the difference between the Lovecats remix and the original mix.  Maybe I'm missing something....

Have fun with this one, and I'll see you tomorrow with another great album...


  1. Just come across your blog, great stuff, thanks for all the time it takes you doing this :-)

  2. This was really an odd compilation considering the walk was also released as a mini album. I think Sire was just trying to get what they could out of them in their short dalliance with the label. Basically you had to buy everything if you were a hardcore cure fan.
    The Lovecats extended has a longer jazz break, about 20 seconds longer and the intro is a bit different, more like a full version than a remix. This had the first Tim Pope directed music video for the cure which drastically changed RS' image. Basically Tim Pope was famous for directing Soft Cell, IE bedsitter, meanwhile while RS was working with Steve Severin from Siouxsie, RS got into the Marc And the Mamabas crowd (not unlike Matt Johnston, who was also a Mamba) and contributed (uncredited) to the track Torment, which was also semi-released as a Glove instrumental. So basically RS semi appropriated Marc Almond And Siouxsie's look along the way as he became a Banshee.