Friday, August 5, 2016

Sundays - Blind - 1992

Some of us have been lucky enough to find that one person that means the world to us.  That person that you couldn't bear to be without.  What sucks, is sometimes we hurt them unintentionally, and they hurt us as well.  I sometimes wish that didn't happen.  What I do know, is that when it does happen, it gives us the time to explore our relationship and find out what we really need and want down inside and express it.  It also allows us, if we are willing, to do what it takes to help the other get what they need. 

When is the last time you asked your partner in life if there was anything that you could do for them?  And asked them that without having to be asked, or without something going wrong in your relationship to require it?  Ask them, out of love and fun, every morning for several weeks, and then just do it.  Watch what happens to your relationship...

Today's album only had one extra track to add.  That's okay.  Take the time to listen to this one with a significant other in your life.  Hold them close, and never let go.

See you tomorrow...

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