Thursday, August 25, 2016

Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again - 1983

Here's post 3 of 4 awesome posts in a row...  Depeche Mode's Construction Time Again...

My senior year in High School and I was in love with Music For the Masses, and Violator hadn't been released yet.  I remember getting this album on cassette from the used section in at the music store.  At that time I was infatuated with a girl named Crystal, and she loved this album, so therefore I had to love the album too.  I never told her I had a crush on her, as she was in a different social class than I was, and already had a boyfriend.  But, we were friends and shared a love of Depeche Mode.

I'm honestly not that in love with the album.  I hate Pipeline and Work Hard, and the rest of the album is alright.  Of course, with Get the Balance and Everything Counts, though, you are dealing with two of DM's BEST songs ever.  In fact, I would put Everything Counts in their top ten songs, and Get the Balance in the top twenty.

As the tracks are concerned, you can see I've added Get the Balance even though it wasn't an album track.  It came out the same year, and fits in perfectly with the album's sound.  The remix disc has several fan mixes that fit my strict criteria, as well as a perfect Dreamtime Mix.

The cover of the album is actually a desktop wallpaper from a DM fan named ID Alizes from Devian Tart ( It is beautiful and works perfectly as an album cover.  I've been waiting to use this one specifically.  He's got a bunch, so you may want to go to deviant art and check him out.


  1. Very nice, thanks again! I don't find this to be their strongest album by a long shot, but a few solid tracks to be found. I love the b-side "FOOLS" and I guess I like "WORK HARD" more than you. Surprised you didn't include the 12" mix of "FOOLS (Bigger)", it's fantastic; really, all of Alan Wilder's contributions were fantastic IMO. I think "FOOLS" could easily have replaced some of the tracks on "C.T.AGAIN" and improved the album as a whole.
    Excellent work, what an amazing run these past few days! You're literally my first stop when I turn on my computer, please keep up the great work.

  2. I'm surprised I missed the Bigger mix. Honestly overlooked. I must not have it digitally or something...

  3. ID Aliz├ęs, it's me :)
    Thanks for use my wallpaper !