Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bjork - Post - 1995

I remember when this album came out I was living in a highrise apartment complex across the street from my state capitol building.  My wife and I were engaged, and preparing for our wedding, and I was a manager at a newly introduced restaurant chain that wasn't fast food, but wasn't full service either.  When it came out, I ran down to Best Buy and got it for my wife, handing it over to her without even listening to it.  I didn't get it back until we were married a year later.

I did get to listen to it, though.  She had it in her car all the time, and I even suggested listening to it, if she ever didn't already.  The two of us really liked her music, my wife a little more than me.  I really didn't care that much for this album in particular, but it grew on me over time as my wife and I listened to it over time.  I actually prefer the b-sides and remixes to the album better than the album itself.

The best songs on the album (in order of their appearance on my sleeve above) are Hyper-ballad, It's Oh So Quiet, Enjoy, I Miss You, Karvel, Charlene and Visur.  There are some incredible remixes of Hyper-Ballad, Enjoy, Possibly Maybe and I Miss You, but those will have to wait until I decide to do the remix disc.

The worst song on this album, and possibly the worst single she's ever released (IMHO) is Army Of Me.  I hate that fucking song.  It's irritating and grates on my last nerve.


  1. I really enjoyed this album and all of the ep's that were associated with it, some of the alternate versions were indeed better than the originals. Army of Me was definitely the worst song on the record, which should have been a Tank Girl soundtrack exclusive. Something changed after this record, and though she put out a few really good records after this one, this was her truly last great album. I think she got too famous and it made things weird. There was definitely a self consciousness that overtook her work in the years after and the playful edge turned into a descent into Yoko Ono styled weirdness. In reality the world only needs one Yoko Ono, and it would have been nice if Bjork had stayed Bjork.

    1. I agree with you completely! Although, I do think that Homogenic was her best, and last great album which is the one right after this. My wife and I both agreed that she got weird. Really weird. We went and saw her movie in the theatre when it came out, and that was the first sign that something bizarre was happening. And it was never the same after that.......................