Saturday, August 6, 2016

Paul Oakenfold - DJ Boxes - March & September 2014

Well, it worked once, so we'll try it again.  easy out for me, I guess.  Just have to make the fancy covers for them.  The September 2014 was the first cover I made when I started doing the Oakenfold boxes.  I titled it after one of the songs on the disc, and realized that it made it harder to tell which months I had and which I didn't.  So, after that one disc, I made sure to title the rest of the boxes as their date.

You may also notice that the September cover has the same graphic as one of my Peter Gabriel compilations that I posted previously.  I love that graphic.  Also, I love the eyeball graphic on the March disc.  I still don't know how they did that pic....

Anyway, I love Oakenfold's selections.  He definitely has an ear for good music....

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