Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Clash - Self-Titled - 1977

So, I have no anecdotal story to go along with this post.  I bought both versions of the album when they reissued them on CD.  It always bugged me that you had to buy two different albums to get all of the songs.  It would be okay if each album had different songs, but they shared a lot, more than enough to make me feel a little cheated when I bought them.

But, it is a classic "album", no matter which version you had.  I put all the tracks on one disc, and added some extras to make it special.  Please forgive me for changing the colors on the album, as I wanted mine to be different than the regular releases.  It still looks good.

There you have it!  Short post tonight.  I have to make some covers, so...


  1. Another excellent post, thank you! I've been checking your blog out for a few months and am constantly amazed at the quality and inventiveness of your creations - keep up the good work!