Friday, August 12, 2016

Shamen - En-Tact V.0 - 1991

As an obsessive compulsive, being a Shamen fan can be difficult.  Mostly because there are so many different versions and mixes of their songs.  But, with En-Tact, my problem was compounded by the fact that there were a bunch of non-album tracks as well.  Good thing is, I was able to make En-Tact V.0. 

I wanted to try and capture some of the sound that they had from their first few albums, that got lost when En-Tact came out.  I pulled all of the earliest versions of the singles from En-Tact that I could find. Plus, we have a host of non-album tracks that obviously sound pre-Tact.  A definite Indie-electro sorta sound.

Purple Haze is an interesting cover, In the Bag and Something Wonderful are great, and the rest of the non-album tracks are pretty good as well.  Omega Amigo mix is an awesome rendition, as is Ben Chapman's Lightspan. 

Definitely a glimpse of a group on the verge of exploding onto the British music scene, this one makes a great transition from the pre-Tact albums to the post-Tact.  A nice little set to wrap it all up.


  1. Very nice collection, thank you!

  2. Loved the Shamen back then! Saw them in Chicago 1992 for the Progeny tour w/ Moby and Adam X as openers! Thanks for all this and the previous Shamen you posted.

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  4. Just found this blog on the back of searching out some Shamen stuff and looking good forward to hearing this. Back in the day I was a bit obsessed with trying to find the different versions and mixes of singles. I have the En-tact version from 91 on CD (UK version) but recently I downloaded what I thought was the same version on to my new phone only to discover it had a shorter and slightly different version of Possible World's. Looking at Discogs I think the new download is the US version of the album which looks the same as my version in tracklisting but maybe has some different mixes. It's a nightmare being a completist;)

  5. I've always found this album a little floaty for my taste (for lack of a better term). I do have it on both CD and Vinyl though. The one thing I love that came out of this record was the Jack Dangers (MBM) remix of 'Hyper-real'. I even prefer it to the original.

    1. Most definitely more Indie with a heavy dose of House, than bubble gum Techno Pop of the next two albums.... Which I love, by the way.

  6. My friend, this rules thank you :D I don't suppose you'd be willing to upload FLACs of the original release of en-tact would you? I've been after it for years and all I can find is the reissue (doesn't have the full edit of evil is even or make it mine 2.5 :'( ).

  7. I am looking for the 1990 original release