Monday, August 8, 2016

Pixies - Bossanova - 1990

So, shortly after I graduated from High School, I am listening to Cocteau Twins and totally loving them.  They are GREAT.  I see that they are on a label called 4AD.  I wonder what other bands are on the 4AD label, so I start looking around.  I see this group with a cool cover called the Pixies, and they are on the 4AD label.  Well, they must be like the Cocteau Twins....


It came as something of a shock when I first played this cassette.  But, by the time I upgraded my collection to CDs, this was one of the first CDs I purchased.  It's an instant classic with spectacular songs galore, one after another.  I mean, I'm sitting here looking at the track list trying to pick my favorites to tell you about, and it's nigh impossible.  It's easier to take songs off, and that's only because I don't remember them right off hand.  I will say Rock Music, Dig For Fire, Hangwire, but that's only scratching the surface of this album (no pun intended).

I love this album, I think it's better than Doolittle and Trompe La Monde, and much better than ALL of Frank Black's solo stuff.  (Side note - I put it as good as Breeders' Last Splash, but that's another post)  I haven't bothered to listen to their first three albums, so I can't really compare it to them.  I outgrew the Pixies, unfortunately, before I got the chance :(   I guess I could always go back now, but I don't really have an interest in it....

Their cover for this album has always been gorgeous, so I left it the same, and added the single sleeves for the back.  The b-sides were only previously available on the singles and on the b-side disk.  Havalina is such a perfect ending to the album, I couldn't put the b-sides there, so I dropped them between Side A and Side B.

This one's a real fukkin' rocker, so turn up your stereo LOUD and get your air guitar out....

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