Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Tear Garden - The Center Bullet - 1986

When I first got into Skinny Puppy, I fell in love with their sound and imagery.  I sought out all of their music and projects and side-groups.  One of those groups was The Tear Garden, who included Puppy Cevin Key and Edward Ka-Spel from the Legendary Pink Dots.

This is just a straight up upload of the album.  I have both versions of my Thorny Thorny Crown along with the rest of the album tracks.  It's something of an ambient, experimental industrial, almost gothic, never harsh or pounding.  When I listen to it, I sometimes feel as if I'm falling into myself.  It's a deep and personal sound.  Ophelia does have a synthpop feel to it, but that is the only one...
Of course, I had to get the Legendary Pink Dots material, too.  But that is completely and totally different, so....

The cover is great, as well.  Steven Gilmore does another stellar job of capturing the feel and emotion of the music in a visual form.  Would someone please tell me if Gilmore has ever done something that WASN'T completely awesome?  I challenge you!

Anyway, listen, and fall asleep and dream dark things...

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  1. Wow, what a great choice. Big, big fan.
    I found this album used at a record-show for $1.00.
    A Canadian dollar at that! :D