Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lush - Split - 1994

The second full-length album by the band, and the best one of the bunch.  I was in college and being indoctrinated by the hippie liberal pigs that passed as professors.  My wife, who was then my girlfriend, had been dating for about a year and a half, and we were constantly immersed in music, as if that was the only reason for living.  Well, almost the only reason, I was also addicted to comic books at the time, so if I wasn't at a record store, it was a comic store. 

So, one day, I'm standing in Cosmic Comics, my store of choice at the time, and I'm browsing the new release section, listening to this album.  I had turned it off while I was there, as I had been chatting with the counter clerk about comics.  This guy comes in as I'm off down the racks, and starts chatting with the clerk as well.  He brings up this album about it's high points and low points and that when he gets the money he was going to buy it.  Mind you, he had about 30.00 worth of comics in his hand, but not enough money to go down and purchase the CD.  I walk over and asked what he was talking about, and he mentions this album.  I pull out my CD Walkman and ask him "You mean this album?"  Instantly he was my best friend.  We chatted and chatted, and he eventually got around to asking if he could borrow the disc to listen to and tape.  Hesitantly, I said yes.  I have problems saying no to people, and I am too trustworthy.  He promised he'd only have it for a day or two, and that he would return it to the comic store and I could pick it up from the clerk.  I thought, what's the harm?

That was the last time I ever saw that CD.  4 months later, I had to repurchase the disc, and I never saw that guy or my disc in the comic store ever again.  The clerk said he had seen the guy a couple times since, but never mentioned the disc let alone return it to him.  That was the last time I ever loaned a CD to anyone.  Ever.

Now, I sit here and hand out music freely, which I am in no position to do.  I sorta feel like a hypocrite.  Pun intended.


  1. Great band. And super excited about the reunion.

  2. The only track I've heard so far has been good. I just hope that they do an entire album....

  3. Saw them live 4 times, Once for Spooky tour, (Flaming Lips were the openers, Saw them twice for Lovelife, and again for the new tour. They were really good this time around. Glad they got back together, mind you it was a rather short show, less than 90 minutes, but sweet nonetheless. The new EP is classic Lush and leaves hope for a new record. I would compare the new recordings to a similar style to Split, which I consider to be their most accomplished release as well.

  4. I spent ages trying to track down the Rupert The Bear 7" flexi back in the pre-internet days. I finally found a mint copy behind the counter in a sleepy old record store full of stacks of old Melody makers and NME's on on a trip to Los Angeles on the old Melrose Avenue strip of record stores which no longer exist (there must have been 25-30 of them back then)... all full of rare and not so rare overpriced records, Like being able to walk into the website of Discogs.... only it would take you all day to navigate and dig, ahh those were the days.

  5. I envy your flexi. That would definitely be a keeper. About 10 years ago, before I last moved, I liquidated 95% of my vinyl due to weight and the need for cash, plus I had digitized versions of all of it. Now I regret the move, but still have some choice nuggets to showcase. I think I'd slide that nugget right in there.