Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Art Of Noise - In Visible Silence - 1986

After purchasing The Best of Art of Noise my Senior Year in high school, this was the first album of theirs I actually bought, specifically because of Peter Gunn and Opus 4.  Little did I know what a wonderful album it was in itelf.  Pure classic AoN, I think this was them at their prime best.  Every track is a work of art, no pun intended.

The best tracks on the album is the two part Backbeat and then Beatback.  I remember driving down the street with it loud as hell, and tapping my hand on the top of the steering wheel with my white man's overbite and head nodding.  Good jammin' stuff.

It's unfortunate that after their greatest hits, they sorta sucked ass from the mid-nineties through today.  Some will beg to differ, but I outgrew them and I think they lost their creative edge.  Too bad.

I loved the cover, and continued it on this sleeve, adding some yellowed edges for aging.  Gives it more character, if you ask me.  I only kept the album tracks and the b-side, as the mixes are already on the GH projects I've already released...



  1. ten years after my high schools :-), I bought also this opus for Peter Gunn, a song I love a lot. Regards and Thank you so much for all you are proposing on your blog.

  2. Totally my pleasure. Thank you!

  3. Still here all this time later. Thanks.