Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pet Shop Boys - PSB Mix Compilation

Here's a nice little mix from the past two decades that you might like.

Whenever PSB release new singles, I always go for the mixes that they make of their own songs.  They have a heart and vision for them, so they know best how to reinterpret them and "spice" them up.  With the exception of the Trouser Enthusiasts remix of Somewhere and the Beatmasters mixes of IWNDTKOT, the PSB mixes are always the best.

I've collected all of them, with the exception of one or two due to disc restraints (I ensure that whatever I post here will all fit on one disc or be appropriately seperated), we have all of the post-Discography mixes by the PSB.  The definite highlights for me are Discotecha, Integral and Did You See Me Coming?

For the cover, I saw this picture and knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.  It is spot on, especially Tennant's smirk.  I think it fits the compilation perfectly.

Anywho, enjoy the mix and see you tomorrow....

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