Monday, June 6, 2016

Beloved - Happiness - 1990

 So, yeah, this was a great album when it came out.  Very fun, and a nice addition to my growing Madchester collection.  It got some radio air time and people knew who they were, and they were pretty cool....


AND all these great groups from England and Europe and nearly everywhere got left behind for good ol' Kurt Cobain.  Brrruup!  I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

Yes, yes yes, the Beloved were able to release, what, two more albums, I think (Both of which were great)  But no one knew about them or cared too much on this side of the ocean.  What a sad sad thing.

What's great about this album was all the remixes.  You had Blissed Out (below) and a couple dozen more great mixes.  So, I've made what essentially is three discs for the same album and most of the mixes.  Mind you, not all of the mixes are on these three, but most are.  I culled the worst just to slim it down a bit.

The covers were fairly simple to make, but the font was impossible to match.  I hope they look alright.  It pisses me off when I can't find the right font (especially since I have about 7,000 now).  A font can say so very much.

Looking back, I want to try and pick out the best tracks for you (even though I know it's subjective), but it's hard to pin down just a few.  Time After Time, Found, Hello, Your Love Takes Me Higher, The Sun Rising...  Where should I stop?

Just keep listening, and you decide which ones are the best....


That last one, Happy Blissfulness, doesn't actually exist.  I made it up.


  1. A big thank you for these!!! This was one of my favorites. Your site keeps getting better and better. Anthony

  2. You missed off the best ever mix! The Sun Rising [ilsolesorge]

    1. Shit, man, I don't have it. Give it to me!


      Never mind, I found it. I didn't know it existed...

  3. You might have thrown up a little, but I threw up a LOT. Grunge is NOT a form of music. It is something icky that you scrape off the bathroom tiles.

    I LOVE THIS ALBUM. Finally, someone else who appreciates this band as much as I do! Have you heard the unreleased one, "Flim Flam"? It's even better than this one, I think.

    1. Where It's At is the Compilation thing.

      The Unreleased album on the label Flim Flam, had it at some point, gone I'm afraid. May have been the same thing. Loving Feeling was on it, great record, as was Forever Dancing (A remix of Forever Laughing), the "Best Record New Order Never Made".

    2. YAY, another Beloved fan! I love this band!

      No, it's two different things, and I agree with you about "Loving Feeling," it's one of my favorite songs of theirs. I also agree with your other comment, about "Sweet Harmony" being Number One -- it should have been! Why this band never made it big is just beyond me -- they were so amazingly great.

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    5. Thanks Kid Chaos. And nice work with the art!

      I have the Flim Flam unreleased album (but only at low bitrate). It doesn't however have Forever Dancing on it, sadly.
      I had been trying to track that down for ages. I was hoping it would be in these compilations alas...
      Thanks to these comments I have now found it in the Where It Is comilation that I didn't know existed!
      The 12" version is on the CD release, whereas the vinyl has the 7" version.

  4. The funny thing...

    They released It's Alright Now to sell Blissed Out, only for it to stall at No. 48 which meant that only a few people got to hear the astonishing Rattling Good Time mix...

    And unfortunately Blissed Out was, in the words of the NME, a great Karaoke album but in reverse...the vocals were left in but they took the tunes out...

    Fast forward though, they DID release two tracks, 1) Sweet Harmony that frankly should have been No. 1 for ages (it wasn't) but still stands up today and 2) Deliver Me which didn't even make top 75 (yeah) which should have been No.1 for years.

    I'm a Beloved fan, btw. You guessed, yeah?