Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Big Pig - Bonk - 1988

The summer before I moved away from Chicago, I spent listening to the likes of Big Pig, INXS and Midnight Oil.  The Australian wave of rock in 1988.  Despite the fact that the only big hit off this album wasn't even written by them, Big Pig put out a great album with some impressive tracks.

I posted a want list from this group about a month ago, and I have to say that most of the "Gold" disc is from that awesome contributor.  The Year of the Pig track is interesting, as the unreleased songs that are on it are actually rough demos and you can hear the producers coaching the singer on one of the tracks.  Very cool.

I have most of the mixes here.  There are still a few missing tracks, though.  If you find one that I've missed, please post a link in the comments below.........


  1. Super excited to listen to this. I used to listen to this tape on a loop. It was rad.

  2. Hi guys! Check out the new Big Pig facebook fan group I have set up today. Tim Rosewarne (keyboard play is a member) join the group and say hello, share your pics memories and videos!

  3. I had a hunch I should download this and I'm glad I did. I never heard of them before. Great album and I love the added mixes.

  4. This month marks the 30th Anniversary of Breakaway by Big Pig. Keep an eye on the Facebook fan page for the odd rarity as we move towards the 30th anniversary of BONK next month. Last night we posted the live video of Big Hotel.